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New Features


Beginning with the current version, the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) versions will become closely aligned with the Operations Center (OC) and Managed Master (MM) component releases. This change also standardizes the versioning nomenclature across the CloudBees Jenkins Solutions, which makes it easier for users to determine the version of OC and MM, in a given CJE release, thus making it easier to include relevant information while creating support issues.

New versions of CJE will continue to follow a monthly release cadence.


Beginning with this current version, enterprises are able to install and manage a CJE cluster on their Red Hat OpenShift cluster running v.3.7 and higher

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-4260

The initial Master installation wizard shows your license has expired banner, the plugin installation page is not displayed and the setup finished page is not displayed either

Minor TIGER-4195

Fixed an issue where creating a Team on a CJE cluster running on RedHat OpenShift, was failing

Minor TIGER-4083

Fixed an issue where the ingress route for a Managed Master was redirecting to Operations Center

Minor TIGER-4116

Fixes an issue that prevented customers from creating environment variables for containers inside pods

Minor TIGER-3984

Fixes an exception that was thrown while creating a Managed Master on a Kubernetes cluster

Minor TIGER-3832

Fixes an issue where a build container was not connecting to a Managed Master, upon a restart of that Master

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