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Major TIGER-4380

The Elasticsearch Reporter plugin is a brand new plugin created exclusively for CloudBees customers. This plugin will enable customers to send the existing analytics data in their enterprise Jenkins clusters, to an Elasticsearch cluster hosted by the customer. The Elasticsearch Reporter plugin is compatible with Elasticsearch (and Kibana) versions 5.x.

For more details on how to download and use this new plugin, please refer to the official documentation listed here -

Major TIGER-4458

We are pleased to announce the general availability of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).

Customers who have a Kubernetes cluster running on Amazon EKS can leverage the kubectl CLI and provision and manage a CJE cluster on EKS, in seconds!

Please refer to the official documentation to understand usage instructions and pre-requisites

Major JENKINS-14713

To allow greater flexibility in configuring permissions, the implies relationship between Job/Build and Job/Cancel has been removed. Users now need to be granted the Job/Cancel permission explicitly to cancel builds, even those they started themselves. See here.

Major JENKINS-50237

The Remoting library has been updated to improve diagnosability and reliability. See Remoting Update

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