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CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

New Features

Major TIGER-4370

We are pleased to announce the general availability of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Customers who have a Kubernetes cluster running on GKE, can leverage the 'kubectl' CLI and provision a CJE cluster on GKE, in seconds!

Please refer to the official documentation to understand usage instructions and pre-requisites

Minor TIGER-4099

When a master is killed due to OOM, display relevant information to the user

Minor TIGER-4586

Master provisioning currently hard codes the internal cluster DNS to ".cluster.local", which is used for agent connectivity.

This feature adds the ability to overwrite default internal cluster DNS for agent connectivity using environment variables.

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-4378

Fix issue with domain root level http access not redirecting to cjoc but giving a HTTP 404 error instead.

Minor TIGER-4517

We have encountered an issue where a declarative pipeline fails in a newly provisioned managed master in CJE 2.x

Add pipeline-model-extensions to the kubernetes profile to install it at the same time as Kubernetes plugin

Minor TIGER-4514

Creating multiple masters with external agent support results in all masters using port 50000 for their jnlp port even though they have each a dynamic NodePort. This makes it difficult to configure load balancer.

This feature configures a unique JNLP port for each Managed Master, thus alleviating the issue described above

Minor TIGER-4527

Created a pod template in the pipeline that had an erroneous image name in it. This caused the agent to appear to hang indefinitely as if it were trying to schedule the task. Openshift appears to be continually spinning up pods in an attempt to create the agent.

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