CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 2.1.0

New Features


CloudBees is excited to announce the general availability of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Kubernetes. This release features several cloud native capabilities in the product, most notably, native integration with Kubernetes (K8S), which has fast become the industry standard for managing and deploying cloud native applications. Some highlights:

  • Auto scale on-demand with elasticity at the cluster level. Customers can provision an unlimited number of Jenkins masters and agents as Kubernetes pods. No manual intervention is required to scale out.

  • Install and manage the CJE cluster just like any other application running on Kubernetes. Customers can use the native CLI (kubectl) that is the default standard for K8S applications, reducing the learning curve and admin burden.

  • Additional security and access controls for the cluster by enabling CJE to run in its own unique namespace, so that admins can limit access via roles and permissions.

  • Granular resource control through a concise YAML file to configure resources needed for the cluster. YAML is a familiar language, which makes it easy for anyone on the team to read and maintain configurations.

Enterprises can install and manage the latest version of CJE on their Kubernetes cluster, running version 1.7 or higher.

Minor TIGER-3873
  • Remove permission to manage namespaces
  • fsGroup for master provisioning is now passed as a system property

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