CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.6.3

New Features

Major TIGER-1866

CJE 1.6.3 requires the LBaaS v2 API when running on OpenStack. Prior versions required LBaaS v1 API.

Major TIGER-2541

This feature allows users to define instance tags for AWS and OpenStack resources in cluster-init and worker-add operations. This feature adds the resource_tags parameter to cluster-init and worker-add.

Minor TIGER-2483

CJE 1.6.3 adds cluster outbound IPv6 support on AWS. This allows CJE to support external services that are reachable via IPv6.

Minor TIGER-2798

This feature enables direct connections to Jenkins sshd server when using jenkins-cli.jar. Users can now use Jenkins cli commands from within CJE.

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-2732

Before this change, CJE Anywhere installation failed if the machine instances are using LDAP for account management. This change checks for the existence of user accounts using a more reliable method.

Minor TIGER-2238

Prior versions of CJE had a bug where AWS resources were created before confirming that the relevant resources were available. This led to a partial cluster creation state and the user had to destroy the cluster and start over. This issue has now been fixed in the current version

Minor TIGER-2607

This change clarifies the worker state information for the list-workers operation. Previously a worker was labeled as "ACTIVE" which wasn't always correct. Now workers are marked as "ENABLED" to better reflect the known state.

Minor TIGER-2441

In prior versions of CJE, an ElasticSearch Worker VM could lose its snapshot mount after a reboot. This change ensures that s3fs mount occurs correctly.

Minor TIGER-2737

The ElasticSearch file system mounts are not required on build workers. This change removes the unnecessary mount.

Minor TIGER-2567

In prior releases, creating a support bundle could fail if CJE couldn't connect to the docker daemon. With this change, the support bundle creation proceeds correctly.

Minor TIGER-2726

Prior to this change, security groups were not updated if they changed after a cluster-init failure. With this change, the security group changes are applied correctly.

Minor TIGER-2725

Before this change, a user could stop the entire cluster using a command such as cje run stop x. This change prevents this unintended result.

Minor TIGER-2658

In prior versions, under some circumstances, CJE would launch too many docker-clean containers operations. This change eliminates the excess launches.

Minor TIGER-2679

In prior versions of CJE, support bundle creation could fail if the content of 'docker.tar.gz' had restricted permissions. This change ensures that CJE creates the support bundle correctly.

Minor TIGER-2608

In prior releases, the command cje status shows a stack trace if a worker was down.

Minor TIGER-2080

In previous releases, the cje status command returns OK even if Operations Center is unreachable. With this change, the status command shows the correct status of the Operations Center.

Minor TIGER-2773

Fixes the issue where Mesos log rotation was not working on Workers

Minor TIGER-2774

Docker configuration is not set in controllers in AWS

Known issues

Major Security Advisory 2017-06-06

Security Advisory related to the favorite plugin. If you are using this plugin, please follow the instructions in the Security Advisory to get the fix.

Minor TIGER-2321

A CJE Admin can change the JNLP port on the CJOC UI, however, this is not a best practice as this is set dynamically by CJE on startup.

Minor TIGER-2355

If you enter an invalid Managed Master image location under the Manage Jenkins page on CJOC, then when deploying the new instance, the log window will only show that it's attempting to deploy and will not give any further feedback. Correct the image location to resolve this

Minor TIGER-2371

CJE allows you to enable using one-shot executors. These provide slightly faster provisioning of the executors. However, the current implementation of one-shot executors doesn't support pipeline resumption

Minor TIGER-2426

CJE doesn't support installing the Palace Cloud Plugin into masters that are not managed by CJE

Minor TIGER-2427

When using the operation cluster-recover, it is simpler to keep the cluster in the same AWS availability zone (AZ)

Minor TIGER-2459

The alert There was an error reporting analytics data links to an invalid URL within the cluster. You can access this by selecting the Manage Jenkins link on the left side of the page.

Minor TIGER-2692

The list-resources operation does not work properly on OpenStack.

Minor TIGER-2522

Masters will not be accessible when CJOC is being upgraded

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