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CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.6.1

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Resolved issues

Major Security Advisory 2017-03-20

Fixes the security issues described in the advisory

Known issues

Minor TIGER-2240

There are two possible causes of this failure.

The more common cause is a firewall blocking traffic to Ubuntu's servers. These are accessed through port 80 to Open these ports in your network configuration and retry the apply command.

A less frequent cause is if these servers are off-line. You will need to restart the "apply" once these servers are back on-line.

Minor TIGER-2257

Using custom DNS within your custom VPC is not yet supported.

Minor TIGER-2321

Despite the UI allows to change the JNLP port, it shouldn't be done as this is set dynamically by CJE on startup.

Minor TIGER-2355

If you enter an invalid Managed Master image location under the "manage" page on CJOC, then when deploying the new instance, the log window will only show that it's attempting to deploy and will not give any further feedback. Correct the image location to resolve this.

Minor TIGER-2371

CJE allows you to enable using one-shot executors. These provide slightly faster provisioning of the executors. However, the current implementation of one-shot executors doesn't support pipeline resumption.

Minor TIGER-2426

CJE doesn't support installing the Palace Cloud Plugin into masters that are not managed by CJE.

Minor TIGER-2427

When using the operation cluster-recover, it is simpler to keep the cluster in the same AWS availability zone (AZ).

If you must move it to a different AZ you will need to update the the project.config file in the .dna subdirectory of the project directory (e.g. $PROJECT/.dna/project.config)

In this file, each section instance [worker-<n>:worker] includes an availability_zone field that should be corrected to the new AZ.

Minor TIGER-2459

The alert "There was an error reporting analytics data" links to an invalid URL within the cluster. You can access this by selecting the "Manage Jenkins" link on the left side of the page.

Minor TIGER-2466

Under certain circumstances, the mesos-slave process can fail to start. When this occurs, it will be impossible for mesos to start processes and containers on that worker.

You can confirm this by ssh-ing into a shell running on the affected worker and running this command

sudo service mesos-slave status

To resolve this, use these commands in a shell window connected to the affected worker:

sudo rm -r /var/lib/mesos/meta/
sudo service mesos-slave restart

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