CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.6.0

New Features

Major Make CJE IaaS agnostic

This is the biggest feature release of CJE. With this latest release, customers can set up and install a CJE cluster on either bare-metal or vSphere (v.5.5 and higher) based VMs.

Major TIGER-2498

With the general availability of this feature, customers can now use RHEL images (v7.2 or higher are supported) while installing the CJE cluster

Minor TIGER-2373

CJE Support Bundle now includes firewall rules

Minor TIGER-2231

Introduced retries in terraform when creating cloud resources to mitigate transient installation issues that are resolved with a retry.

Minor TIGER-1679

cluster-destroy allows to clean up EBS storage

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-2168

Customers that have changed the CJOC Admin user's password after a successful installation of CJE, may encounter the exception such as the one below, on subsequent upgrades to the cluster or while expanding the size of the cluster

cat: /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword: No such file or directory

To mitigate this exception, CloudBees strongly recommends following the instructions listed in this document - Securing your cluster

Minor TIGER-1891

In earlier releases of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (previously known as Private SaaS Edition), when running on AWS, two AWS S3 buckets were used for storing state information about the cluster.

In specific circumstances, reinstalling a cluster could result in a failure if the cluster name collided with the bucket names. Also, having just one bucket simplifies administration, backups, and other tasks, and as a result these two buckets have been merged into a single AWS S3 bucket.

Customers running CJE versions prior to 1.6.0 are strongly encouraged to run the following command to merge the two S3 buckets into one:

cje run migrate-es-bucket-2-storage-bucket

This command may take a few minutes to execute. After merging the S3 buckets, this command will delete the redundant S3 bucket.

Minor TIGER-2420

Fixes an issue where the ElasticSearch backups were not getting persisted to the configured NFS mount. This issue is primarily seen on CJE clusters running on OpenStack or vSphere based VMs

Minor TIGER-2418

Fixes an issue where if a CJE Admin changes the domain name of a cluster that's actively in use, subsequent restarts of any Jenkins Master provisioned on the cluster would start to fail

Minor TIGER-2357

Fixes an issue where the subnet_id parameter was listed twice in worker-add.config

Minor TIGER-2351

Fixes an issue where a new CJE cluster installation or upgrades of an existing cluster would fail if the cluster name contains the string -worker

Minor TIGER-2349

Fixes an issue where if a CJE Admin were to update the ElasticSearch configs such as increasing the Heap size or the instance count, etc, the operation would result in a failure

Minor TIGER-2348

Fixes an issue where the logstash, sshgateway and router docker containers were not being restarted upon a restart of a Worker or Controller VM

Minor TIGER-2304

Fixed support of dollar sign character in CJOC password.

Minor TIGER-2277

Fixes an issue where the CJE provided images for AWS (AMIs), OpenStack and vSphere didn't include docker images for the Palace and Castle components

Minor TIGER-2268

Fixes a problem that prevented navigation to a managed master without a "hard" browser refresh

Minor TIGER-2246

Fixes an issue where Master/CJOC containers contained hardcoded references to jenkins user, causing issues when using a different user.

Minor TIGER-2242

Fixes an issue in CJOC that causes the 'security realm configuration' page to throw an exception upon saving the content on the page

Minor TIGER-2234

Fixed a stack trace on accessing CJOC Castle Configuration page

Minor TIGER-2213

Fixes an issue where customers running an upgrade to a CJE cluster may have encountered a Warning message from specific packages in CJE

Minor TIGER-2206

Fixes an issue where the credentials profile specified in the project.config file doesn't exist in .aws/config file.

Minor TIGER-2204

Fixes an issue in the config file that clarifies the use of the 'use_public_route53_zone' parameter

Minor TIGER-2200

cje apply does not work because of sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: `.'

Minor TIGER-2177

Installation into Existing VPC fails via Bastion in Same VPC

Minor TIGER-2175

Fixes an issue where CJE assumes the default Linux network interface name is eth0. This could cause installation failures on more recent Linux distributions

Minor TIGER-2167

Space after Comma breaks CJE Install

Minor TIGER-2111

Fixes an issue where a CJE cluster may be provisioned incorrectly if a customer changes the AWS region(s) midway through a CJE installation process

Minor TIGER-2062

ConfigParser will read 4096 bytes of the config file when reading and stop mid-line, leading to a parsing error

Minor TIGER-2011

Palace healthcheck needs to be improved

Minor TIGER-1885

Installation is able to proceed even if Mesos and Operations Center fail to come up

Known issues

Minor TIGER-2240

There are two possible causes of this failure.

The more common cause is a firewall blocking traffic to Ubuntu's servers. These are accessed through port 80 to Open these ports in your network configuration and retry the apply command.

A less frequent cause is if these servers are off-line. You will need to restart the "apply" once these servers are back on-line.

Minor TIGER-2257

Using custom DNS within your custom VPC is not yet supported.

Minor TIGER-2321

Despite the UI allows to change the JNLP port, it shouldn't be done as this is set dynamically by CJE on startup.

Minor TIGER-2355

If you enter an invalid Managed Master image location under the "manage" page on CJOC, then when deploying the new instance, the log window will only show that it's attempting to deploy and will not give any further feedback. Correct the image location to resolve this.

Minor TIGER-2371

CJE allows you to enable using one-shot executors. These provide slightly faster provisioning of the executors. However, the current implementation of one-shot executors doesn't support pipeline resumption.

Minor TIGER-2426

CJE doesn't support installing the Palace Cloud Plugin into masters that are not managed by CJE.

Minor TIGER-2427

When using the operation cluster-recover, it is simpler to keep the cluster in the same AWS availability zone (AZ).

If you must move it to a different AZ you will need to update the the project.config file in the .dna subdirectory of the project directory (e.g. $PROJECT/.dna/project.config)

In this file, each section instance [worker-<n>:worker] includes an availability_zone field that should be corrected to the new AZ.

Minor TIGER-2453

When installing to an OpenStack environment, in the file cluster-init.config, in the section [openstack], the correct choices for the ssh_user field are not enumerated in the comments. Depending on the target OS, those choices are:

For ubuntu, it is ubuntu. For RHEL, it is cloud-user. For CentOS, it is centos.

Minor TIGER-2459

The alert "There was an error reporting analytics data" links to an invalid URL within the cluster. You can access this by selecting the "Manage Jenkins" link on the left side of the page.

Minor TIGER-2466

Under certain circumstances, the mesos-slave process can fail to start. When this occurs, it will be impossible for mesos to start processes and containers on that worker.

You can confirm this by ssh-ing into a shell running on the affected worker and running this command

sudo service mesos-slave status

To resolve this, use these commands in a shell window connected to the affected worker:

sudo rm -r /var/lib/mesos/meta/
sudo service mesos-slave restart

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