CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.5.2

New Features

Major TIGER-2045

[aws] Support new regions: us-east-2, ca-central-1, eu-west-2

Major TIGER-1999

[openstack] Support OpenStack deployments with multiple regions defined

Major TIGER-2069

[aws] Added the option to generate automatically public Route53 records when setting up domain name.

Major TIGER-2063

Palace now supports One Shot Provisioning API instead of Cloud API. This results into agents being provisioned faster and used only for the build that requested them. This behaviour can be reverted through global settings.

Major TIGER-2107

Update CloudBees Jenkins Platform to to

Minor TIGER-1931

Releases are now shipped with sha256 checksums

Minor TIGER-1998

Improve docker-clean logging

Minor TIGER-2021

Remove dependency on hardcoded AMI ids.

Minor TIGER-1997

Capture operation logs in PSE support bundle

Minor TIGER-1966

bees-pse status now shows servers in alphabetical order

Minor TIGER-2052

Upgrade terraform to 0.8.1

Minor TIGER-2075

Change method of setting jnlp port for CJOC/master

Minor TIGER-2073

Add a Cluster operation to upgrade masters to a new docker image

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-2120

Fix a bug causing castle to create a blank master if it cannot retrieve the existing snapshot in time. This bug could cause data loss.


For customers who updated to 1.5.1, this includes a new cjoc image with master-provisioning plugin 1.3.1 which fixes the initial migration problem.

Minor TIGER-1988

Fix terraform error: "Unknown token: 27:9 IDENT volume_type"

Minor TIGER-1750

Fix a problem causing Topbeat config file not to be rendered in some operations.

Minor TIGER-1989

Fixed an error during the generation of ElasticSearch diagnostics support bundle: "invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''"

Minor TIGER-2019

Attribute 'availability_zone' appears twice when adding worker in AWS

Minor TIGER-2028

Fix behaviour of castle-logging-level-update operation

Minor TIGER-2065

Fix Elasticsearch to launch on dedicated worker

Minor TIGER-2006

PSE Support bundle now skips CJOC support bundle generation if domain is 'None'

Minor TIGER-2023

Fix default values on upgrade for servers not started

Minor TIGER-2070

[aws] Fix support of ephemeral mounts on workers

Minor TIGER-2018

Changing cluster name after first init results into a failure

Minor TIGER-2079

[aws] Use ip addresses to connect to instances instead of DNS names. This fixes compatibility with setups using custom DNS servers.

Minor TIGER-1841

Support Actions for Palace Agent Templates. This fixes integration with Job Configuration History plugin

Minor TIGER-2024

Fix permissions for script in pse-cjoc and pse-master docker images

Minor TIGER-2046

Fix Castle errors when using the EBS provider and containers are no longer running

Minor TIGER-1982

Fix logging of filename for support bundle.

Minor TIGER-2137

Handle mac OS X installations with python in PATH but not python2

Minor TIGER-2149

Fix log rotation of mesos logs for new workers.

Known issues

Major TIGER-2242

Fix issue with property change in configureSecurity due to the TCP port for JNLP agents being enforced to 31431 on startup

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