CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.5.0

New Features

Major TIGER-1882

AWS: Support instance store when available.

Major TIGER-1803

AWS: Support internal only VPCs

Major TIGER-2036

Upgrade CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to Upgrade CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center to

Major TIGER-2017

AWS: Jenkins masters volumes are now created with type 'gp2', increasing performances.

Major TIGER-1914

It is now possible to create a cluster using AWS IAM credentials.

Major TIGER-1736

AWS: Route53 service is not required when installing PSE in a private subnet (cf. TIGER-1803)

Major TIGER-1623

The PSE destroy command is now an operation to prevent accidental PSE cluster destruction

Major TIGER-1579

Distribute ElasticSearch nodes across multiple Availability Zones if enabled

Minor TIGER-2004

Fixed issue where Python module required for installation script was missing

Minor TIGER-1883

Add ES diagnostic information in PSE support bundle

Minor TIGER-2041

Openstack: add support to specify DNS servers to use for created subnets

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-1637

Addressed issue where a Jenkins master might lose configuration data when CJOC restarts it

Minor TIGER-1831

Fix an upgrade failure reporting "No such file or directory"

Minor TIGER-2014

Fixed issue where PSE cluster creation proceeds even when encountering errors

Minor TIGER-1992

Schedule castle only on master workers. This reduces the overhead on build and es workers.

Minor TIGER-1954

Fixed issue where the operation "lock-project" did not encrypt some files

Minor TIGER-1929

Fixed issue where user could not manually create a snapshot for JENKINS_HOME

Minor TIGER-1910

PSE Installation now detects failures when attempting to use AWS s3fs

Minor TIGER-1904

Installation process properly handles situation where CSRF protection is being used

Minor TIGER-1901

Fixed issue where domain name change failed to switch router to http

Minor TIGER-1879

Prevent changing the domain for existing Jenkins Masters.

Minor TIGER-1876

Palace gracefully handles situation where the Jenkins master image is not set properly

Minor TIGER-2042

OpenStack: installer ignored private_network_uuid and private_subnet_uuid

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