CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.4.0

New Features

Major TIGER-1830

Update bundled CJP to

Major TIGER-1329

Add Support For Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Major TIGER-472

It is now possible to create a PSE cluster on AWS spanning multiple availability zones. Due to technical limitations, it is however not possible to convert an existing cluster to use multiple availability zones without recreating a new one.

Minor TIGER-1781

Allow PSE installation with limited internet access

Minor TIGER-1294

Master images are now registered in CJOC using the CJP version.

Minor TIGER-1487

Docker images delivered as part of PSE are now managed with a separate lifecycle which will allow to follow main CJP releases more closely.

Minor TIGER-1708

Increase default controller disk size

Minor TIGER-1759

Support AWS session token usage for ephemeral credentials

Minor TIGER-1777

Include running docker containers in support bundle

Minor TIGER-1785

Validate admin access port when running cluster-recover operation.

Minor TIGER-1786

Tag AWS instance with worker load type

Minor TIGER-1825

Tag EBS volumes and snapshots with qualified tags

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-1778

Fix cluster-recover operation to print correct DNS config instructions

Minor TIGER-1820

Changed AWS instance defaults to be launched with better performance options.

Minor TIGER-1222

Fix an infinite redirection case when using path mode and CJOC is not running

Minor TIGER-1467

Fix a problem affecting "bees-pse lock" which led to ignore the last secrets.acl entry.

Minor TIGER-1613

"Purging deleted workers" command was not removing all traces of deleted workers.

Minor TIGER-1721

Fix a problem causing Palace agents to be stuck in offline state indefinitively

Minor TIGER-1792

Fix an error installing ca-certificates for java

Minor TIGER-1797

Fix a bug causing workers not to be reported properly in some cases when running list-applications command.

Minor TIGER-1810

Operation pse-support couldn't capture Palace tasks logs.

Minor TIGER-1835

Fix an unhandled case where S3 returns a 307 temporary redirect when uploading docker credentials

Minor TIGER-1784

Prevent too long cluster names

Known issues

Minor TIGER-1809

We recommend AWS users to run 'bees-pse run reset-amis' after upgrade, if you don't produce your own AMIs. This will allow your new workers to use our latest AMIs, matching the PSE version you are using, rather than the AMI id you provided on cluster initialization by following our documentation.

Minor TIGER-1926

Due to a newer authentication algorithm requirement for us-central-1 in s3, we cannot create a cluster in us-central-1. The initialization will fail with "AWS::S3::Errors::InvalidRequest The authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256"

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