CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.3.1

New Features

Minor TIGER-1747

Support bundle improvements - list-resources output and mesos logs added; plugins installation/upgrade logs format changed; xz compression instead of zip for smaller file size

Minor TIGER-1731

Enhanced admin and user access ports validation

Minor TIGER-1791

Upgraded palace-cloud to 1.1.1

Minor TIGER-1719

Upgraded palace to 1.1.2

Minor TIGER-1673

Improved EBS snapshot generation mechanism

Minor TIGER-1626

Added ability to define AWS volume type for workers and controllers

Minor TIGER-1789

Upgraded terraform to 0.7.3

Minor TIGER-1479

Improved cluster name validation during installation process

Minor TIGER-1500

Increased default # of controllers/workers to 3. Updated default instance types for AWS. Default cluster name to 'pse'.

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-1720

Fixed CJOC error handling during dna init process

Minor TIGER-1728

Fixed cluster recovery failures when domain name is defined

Minor TIGER-1676

Removed worker-resize operation

Minor TIGER-1687

Fixed nginx router conguration refresh when nothing is changed

Minor TIGER-1717

Fixed PSE workstation to cluster timeouts in high latency networks

Minor TIGER-1732

Fixed Terraform config files schema incompatibility issues during upgrade

Minor TIGER-1712

Fixed ssh gateway configuration issues when upgrading from 1.1.0 or earlier

Minor TIGER-1700

Improved Zookeeper transaction logs and snapshots handling

Minor TIGER-1776

Fixed sshgateway keys handling during cluster-recover

Minor TIGER-1719

When custom docker shell is specified, the jenkins slave command is not appended to arguments

Known issues


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