CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.3.0

New Features

Major TIGER-1528

Includes CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Major TIGER-1255

A new scheduling service for Mesos slaves has been implemented to replace usage of the Mesos plugin: Palace. It solves scaling issues of the Mesos frameworks as well as providing a more flexible way to manage slave images.

Major TIGER-1236

Upgrade Docker to 1.12.1.

Minor TIGER-1332

Path mode is now the default option when creating a new cluster.

Minor TIGER-1538

Allow PSE administrator to provide the default administrator username and password when creating a cluster.

Minor TIGER-1397

Tag mesos slaves with zone and region information

Minor TIGER-1620

Allow configuration of docker daemon options

Minor TIGER-1235

Show the number of cores consumed by the PSE cluster and the number of external executors "connected" to the PSE cluster, on the "Manage License" page

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-1616

Update Ubuntu to 14.04.5 LTS AMIs release 20160809.1. This includes a kernel fix for a bug causing lock ups with Docker.

Minor TIGER-1590

Fix naming of S3 bucket.

Minor TIGER-1575

ELB Listener should use proper http/https protocol. Fixes compatibility with CSRF option of Jenkins.

Minor TIGER-1535

Fix a usability problem when specifying user and admin ports.

Minor TIGER-1628

Sanitize OpenStack keypair name.

Minor TIGER-1629

Fix warning "pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal"

Minor TIGER-1618

tiger-logstash will create a /var/run/docker.sock dir in some cases

Minor TIGER-1456

bees-pse destroy should not destroy S3 bucket with data

Minor TIGER-1634

Route53 hosted zone is incorrect when domain_separator != '.'

Minor TIGER-1644

Internal ELB is directing 443 to 443 instead of 80

Minor TIGER-1681

Fix a case where Castle would use 100% CPU

Minor TIGER-1673

Snapshot requests to castle happen too often and trigger EC2 API calls. EC2 API calls are now delayed to the time volume snapshots are taken.

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