CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.2.1

New Features

Major TIGER-1311

Allow user to provide existing VPC and subnet.


The PSE installer now requires Java 8 to be installed on the PSE workstation.

Minor TIGER-1486

Include router configuration in Support Bundle

Minor TIGER-1573

Include nginx access logs in Support Bundle

Minor TIGER-527

Ability to get a shell inside a Jenkins container

Minor TIGER-1412

Upgrade terraform to 0.7.0

Minor TIGER-1472

[aws] Allow to specify AMI in worker-add operation

Minor TIGER-1609

[openstack] Change default generated domain to

Minor TIGER-1610

[aws] Add support for ap-south-1 and ap-northest-2 regions

Minor TIGER-1611

Update bundled mesos plugin to 0.13.1

Minor TIGER-1612

Disable Evaluation Mode by default

Minor TIGER-343

Create a Castle Home bundle to manage configuration

Minor TIGER-1564

Validate storage_type value.

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-1485

curl commands used by bees-pse won't work anymore against self-signed certificates unless they are properly registered.

Major TIGER-1509

Fix NGinx OpenSSL Padding Oracle vulnerability. (CVE-2016-2107). Affected only clusters doing SSL termination on NGinx.

Major TIGER-1557

Fixed security groups when configuring cluster to use HTTPS.

Major TIGER-1565

Fixed security groups to allow access from external jnlp slaves.

Major TIGER-1567

Make sure masters endpoints always end with a trailing slash. Otherwise it breaks the JNLP Shared Slaves feature.

Major TIGER-1589

Fixed "XFS snapshot for us-west-2 is not available"

Minor TIGER-1127

Fixed a bug in large clusters where bees-pse destroy fails due to running out of "procs" on Mac OS X.

Minor TIGER-1474

Fixed value of tag "cloudbees:pse:version" to contain the current PSE version.

Minor TIGER-1477

Fixed spamming logs in Elasticsearch container.

Minor TIGER-1483

Fixed Syslog file contains "Syslog1 of machine-name was not found" if the file was missing

Minor TIGER-1498

Fixed a linkage error in Castle

Minor TIGER-1515

Fixed: "Cannot add OpenJDK PPA" error happening randomly.

Minor TIGER-1517

Fixed "bees-pse upgrade --force" behaviour.

Minor TIGER-1523

Removed upgrade button from CJOC and CJE since the Jenkins version is managed through docker images.

Minor TIGER-1529

Validate inputs from cluster-init.secrets

Minor TIGER-1532

Fixed an error case when running bees-pse upgrade multiple times in a row.

Minor TIGER-1534

Scrub PSE Support Bundle in order to reduce its size

Minor TIGER-1554

Cancelling "cluster-recover" operation should delete the "recovering" marker

Minor TIGER-1555

"cluster-recover" should check for a valid DNA project early

Minor TIGER-1559

cluster-recover repair mode was not working properly when using non .dna path

Minor TIGER-1563

"controller-restart" was not updating ELBs on AWS

Minor TIGER-1597

Fixed redirection from http to https

Known issues


If you get the error "No Terraform configuration files found in directory" during upgrade. Use the following command (without quotes) "ls .dna/.terraform | xargs dna run terraform-refresh-working" from the PSE workspace directory then start the upgrade again.