CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.11.9

New Features

Minor TIGER-4915

CJE 1 - Add Jenkins CLI commands to dump Mesos Build Agent Templates as JSON

Minor TIGER-4984

Update embedded JVM in docker images to 1.8.0_171

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-5075

A user jenkins is always created on (build?) workers even if it is useless

Minor TIGER-5058

Fix errors when retrieving support bundle

Minor TIGER-4957

[CJE Anywhere] Support non "/etc/..." ways to specify the proxy to install rpms on RHEL/Centos environments

Minor TIGER-4924

Incorporate rebranded docker image names

Minor TIGER-4880

Getting "operation not permitted" upon running 'cje run list-workers'

Minor TIGER-4867

"Missing or invalid dna.env in .dna/servers/controller-1/dna.config" after cancelling support bundle creation

Minor TIGER-4828

R3 instance type does not work any more

Minor TIGER-4810

Allow to customise castle JVM options

Minor TIGER-4400

A broken URL for the CJOC upgrade documentation replaced with a landing page for CJE 1 administration guide, CJE 1 upgrade documentation and CloudBees Core on Modern Platforms documentation.

Minor TIGER-4970

[Anywhere] Support running ES as non-root

Elasticsearch runs as the user specified through storage.volume_user storage.volume_group and the corresponding nfs mount for backups is done as the same user.

The user can also be changed using the nfs-update operation if the cluster already exists.

Known issues

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Palace Cloud Plugin from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9 in revision 2

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