CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.11.8

New Features

Minor TIGER-4956

Some customers have a restricted umask (I suspect Defaults umask=0077 and Defaults umask_override)

This makes every file created as sudo unreadable and unreachable (since it applies to directories too). Checks for existence of restricted files should be done as well as root to prevent these issues.

Minor TIGER-4928

Updated Terraform Terraform: 0.11.7 Terraform AWS Provider: 1.21.0 Terraform OpenStack Provider: 1.5.0

Minor TIGER-4058

Tiger CJE plugins should use Jackson2 API Plugin instead of the obsolete lib dependency. Related to FNDN-63.

Minor TIGER-2247

Fixes a Null Pointer Exception in the NfsBackend

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