CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.11.5

New Features


Resolved issues

Major TIGER-4434

Fixed issue where some ElasticSearch instances did not run on dedicated ElasticSearch workers after executing the operation elasticsearch_update

Major TIGER-4526

Fixed issue where Elasticsearch service does not run on dedicated workers on some AWS Single-Availability-Zone setup

Major TIGER-4516

Fixed issue where CJE did not support new AWS instance types (m5, r5)

Minor TIGER-4291

Fixed issue where Palace timeout was not properly enforced

Minor TIGER-4442

Fixed issue where mktemp did not work properly on some Linux versions

Minor TIGER-4489

Fixed issue where log files can fill up disk

Minor TIGER-4491

Fixed issue where Managed Masters can become disconnected from Operations Center

Minor TIGER-4525

Fixed issue in CJE Anywhere where some environments might get corrupted configuration files

Minor TIGER-4543

Fixed issue where unused docker images do not get cleaned up

Minor TIGER-4593

Fixed a timing issue that caused intermittent upgrade failures

Minor TIGER-4596

Fixed issue where the Docker image docker-certificates is not being pulled

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