CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.11.4

New Features

Minor CJP-8385

Updated the default redirection of <cjedomain>/ to use the new user experience

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-4438

Fixed a compatibility issue with the new Jenkins 2.107.1 serialization restrictions.

Minor TIGER-4363

[rhel][centos] Support bundle now lists only installed packages

Minor TIGER-4297

[aws] Resolve an issue where, in some cases, the worker-remove operation would fail with Terraform error when removing an older worker

Minor TIGER-4119

Resolve an issue where support bundle generation did not clean the temporal files which could result in filling the disk

Minor TIGER-3126

Enhance the CLI so that elasticsearch-update operation should reject the configuration if the number of instances is less than the number of replicas + 1

Minor TIGER-2973

Resolve an issue with customer supplied AMIs where sentinel files could be created but be not readable by non-root

Minor TIGER-3193

When a CLI command fails, the command is no longer shown as this could disclose sensitive data such as passwords

Minor TIGER-4402

The script can be used to update the hostname name used by a mesos-slave worker node. The hostname can change when a AWS instance is restarted (i.e. stop and start instance) and the mesos-slave is set to the public DNS name of the instance.

Usage: cje run repair-server WORKER_ID

Known issues

Minor TIGER-4516

[aws][ubuntu] New instance types (m5, r5, etc.) using NVMe-based devices cannot be used as Master workers

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