CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.11.2

New Features

Minor TIGER-3520

CJE Support Bundle now includes the output of the cje status command

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-4107

Simplify Managed Master/Operations Center containers' lifecycle management

Major TIGER-4051

[anywhere] / [nfs] NFS mount problems have been observed in some environments since the docker images for Managed Master and Operations Center is based on the Alpine Linux distribution.

For these cases, a new operation nfs-update allows to modify NFS mount options, in particular to specify and explicit nfs version to use. NFS locking issue in cloudbees/cje-oc: due Alpine version change. We suggest protocol version 3.

Minor TIGER-4032

Prevent Castle from triggering a snapshot creation while another one is still pending

Minor TIGER-3987

Remove JVM incompatible flags automatically when upgrading

Minor TIGER-3950

Fixed issue where a NullPointerException occur while editing the Managed Master configuration UI

Minor TIGER-2973

Fixed issue where some installation files were not readable by a non-root user

Minor TIGER-3999

Fix translation of no_proxy parameter to the java system property http.nonProxyHosts.

When specifying in no_proxy, it results into and * being added to the http.nonProxyHosts system property to have a matching behaviour.

Known issues

Minor TIGER-2355

If a docker image is not found during master provisioning, the user is not given any indication of the error

Minor TIGER-2371

OneShot agents don't support pipeline resumption

Minor TIGER-2426

Unable to execute jobs from Managed Master on CJE Worker

Minor TIGER-2522

Masters go offline during Operations Center upgrade

Minor TIGER-2724

Deleting a Managed Master from Operations Center does not actually delete it

Minor TIGER-2427

cluster-recover fails if subnet is created on another availability zone

Minor TIGER-3539

[aws] In some cases, destroying a cluster will hang on the S3 bucket deletion. A workaround is to manually delete the S3 bucket, then apply the operation again

Minor TIGER-3739

It is not possible to remove workers when Operations Center is down

Minor TIGER-3957

[anywhere] Cluster destroy does not remove /etc/.*_installed files

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