CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.1.1

New Features

Major TIGER-1435

Update CJP to 16.06 (CJE 1.651.3.1 and CJOC 1.625.18.5)

Minor TIGER-1275

Add "cluster-recover" CLI operation. Allows to repair or recreate a cluster from a previous PSE workspace.

Minor TIGER-1337

Add "controller-restart" CLI operation. Allows to replace a failing controller instance.

Minor TIGER-1339

Add "access-port-update" CLI operation. Allows to update admin/user port to the PSE cluster.

Minor TIGER-1281

Add 'pse-support' CLI operation. Allows to generate a PSE support bundle.

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-1357

Update bundled pse-analytics-dashboard plugin to 1.8.101.

Minor TIGER-1380

Mesos slaves advertise public ip that will not work in some setups

Minor TIGER-1218

Raised limit of EBS volumes per instance from 11 to 20.

Minor TIGER-1368

Topbeat has wrong ElasticSearch url when in path_mode

Minor TIGER-1308

Hardened AWS security groups. Cluster user access can be restricted to specific CIDR-blocks.

Minor TIGER-1373

ELB ending with a '-' character will cause installation to fail

Minor TIGER-1502

Force unpin some bundled plugins to prevent failing CJOC upgrades.

Minor TIGER-1466

Installer fails if CJOC password has a '+' character.

Minor TIGER-1511

mesos-master may have delay to start causing marathon apps to timeout

Known issues

Major TIGER-1428

AWS users with a cluster name of 18 or more characters will need to update DNS entries to target a new ELB after upgrade.

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