CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.1.0

New Features

Major TIGER-586

OpenStack HA support by having the ability to provision multiple controller nodes

Major TIGER-1164

Plugins depending on SSH feature of Jenkins (such as Validated Merge plugin) are now supported on PSE.

Major TIGER-1266

Update provided CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to 1.642.4.2

Major TIGER-1298

Create a dedicated worker pool for Jenkins build agents.


PSE 1.1.0 will install more quickly when using these AMIs. The following table shows the AMIs for their corresponding AWS regions.

us-east-1 = ami-9cfe3ef1 eu-west-1 = ami-979900e4 ap-southeast-1 = ami-f65f8c95 ap-southeast-2 = ami-b37058d0 eu-central-1 = ami-4a846c25 ap-northeast-2 = ami-153bf07b ap-northeast-1 = ami-cca155ad sa-east-1 = ami-d07ff5bc us-west-1 = ami-12fabf72 us-west-2 = ami-01cb0f61

Minor TIGER-1030

PSE logs and performance metric data are backed up

Minor TIGER-1180

CLI operations more easily scriptable; Operations' arguments can be supplied right on the command line.

Minor TIGER-1214

AWS Enhanced Networking is supported when using the appropriate instance types.

Minor TIGER-1220

Added the ability to verify argument correctness before executing operations

Minor TIGER-1229

Worker nodes on OpenStack can now be accessible from outside networks

Minor TIGER-1233

Master names can include whitespace characters

Minor TIGER-1240

Update to using Terraform 0.6.14

Minor TIGER-1227

Castle to apply logging level changes at run-time without having to restart

Minor TIGER-1277

PSE resources on AWS are now tagged with "cloudbees:pse:cluster"

Minor TIGER-1293

User can explicitly specify the Docker image to be used for launching CJOC

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-1039

Unused NFS mounts and mount points are now cleaned up properly.

Major TIGER-1301

Removed the ability to specify domain-name at PSE cluster initialization time, as doing so is a manual process that involves customizing/requesting DNS names.

Minor TIGER-901

Documented how to retrieve CPU core usage information

Minor TIGER-1191

New logging will take affect after upgrading without having to restart the storage manager processes

Minor TIGER-1253

Fixed various issues after the "init" flow has been converted to a standard operation

Minor TIGER-1256

The operation "elasticsearch-expire-indices" was renamed to "elasticsearch-indices-delete" to be consistent with other existing operations

Minor TIGER-1268

Fixed an issue where the plugins "cloudbees-workflow-template" and "workflow-cps-checkpoint" could end up disabled.

Minor TIGER-1272

Fixed an issue where HTTP 404 error was issued when upgrading a PSE cluster where its CJOC already has a license

Minor TIGER-1273

Fixed an issue where worker node initialization encountered "apt-get" errors

Minor TIGER-1280

Fixed an issue where "bees-pse prepare" without any arguments failed ungracefully.

Minor TIGER-1289

Fixed issue where internal Elasticsearch referral URL can be wrong

Minor TIGER-1297

Fixed issue where ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException could occur when using AWS backend in storage manager.

Minor TIGER-1358

Fixed issue where Logstash has wrong ElasticSearch config when running in path_mode

Known issues