CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.0.3

New Features

Major TIGER-1234

Upgrade jenkins and jenkins-enterprise to 1.642.3.2


Upgrade mesos to 0.28


Upgrade marathon to 0.15.3

Minor TIGER-1007

Implement indexes retention policy for Logstash and Topbeat.

Minor TIGER-382

Documentation: Added CLI Reference section.

Minor TIGER-931

Notify administrator when cluster capacity has been exceeded.

Minor TIGER-1147

Path Mode: Add SSL Support.

Minor TIGER-1184

Added inline help for CLI operations

Minor TIGER-1189

Path Mode: Add a redirection from to

Minor TIGER-1210

Added support for in-place upgrades

Minor TIGER-990

[AWS] Change NTP settings to use Amazon NTP servers

Minor TIGER-1123

Increase zookeeper log retention

Minor TIGER-1168

Add CLI to lock and unlock a project

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-638

Fix PSE plugins URLs

Minor TIGER-641

Hitting "Shared configuration unknown: Master is off-line, cannot validate" error while configuring a newly created Managed Master

Minor TIGER-1176

Prevent exceptions during the Elastic search backup process.

Minor TIGER-1177

Remove duplicated domain-name-change logs.

Minor TIGER-1178

Fixed an error during ElasticSearch initialization.

Minor TIGER-1188

Reduce Topbeat and elasticsearch template index refresh rate.

Minor TIGER-1196

Fix "bees-pse status [SERVER_ID]" command

Minor TIGER-1197

"bees-pse init --check-config" overwrites all customized parameters

Minor TIGER-1213

Prevent useless CJOC restarts after inserting the evaluation license

Minor TIGER-1215

Fix an upgrade problem on Jenkins master causing the boot to fail.

Minor TIGER-1231

Path Mode: When elasticsearch is not running in marathon, router fails to add all entries.

Minor TIGER-1232

domain name change operation was stopping all masters, not only those managed by PSE

Minor TIGER-683

[OpenStack] Flag 'openstack image_name' as required

Minor TIGER-1145

Rotate mesos logs in /var/log/mesos/

Known issues

Major Upgrade Notes

Please review the upgrade instructions before applying the update to a running cluster.