CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.0.1

New Features


Update tenant to 1.0.7 and castle to 1.0.1


Update mesos plugin to 0.11.0


parameterized logstash and topbeat retention periods


Include tiger-master-provisioning 1.0.5


PROVISION action no longer exists, it's just START


Update tiger-config-info 1.0.6

Minor TIGER-1117

Upgrade Mesos and Marathon to 0.27.1/0.15.2

And ZooKeeper to 3.4.8


Update Jenkins version to 1.642.2.1


Update CJOC to 1.625.16.1


Set MALLOC ARENA to 2 for ES


Add reboot-worker script


Increase Elasticsearch default index refresh interval to 30s

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-1165

SSL termination in ELB is not working

Minor TIGER-1162

CJOC disk setting missing in "cjoc_update" operation

Minor TIGER-1159

'worker-restart' and 'worker-resize' did not update ç∆. Updated PSE Infrastructure Info Items after operations worker-disable, worker-enable, worker-resize and worker-restart

Minor TIGER-1149

Set CJOC default ES update interval to 2 mins

Minor TIGER-1157

domain-name-change does not work if only protocol changes

Minor TIGER-1142

Reduce logging for castle and Mesos slave. Make configurable logging level for Mesos master

Minor TIGER-1151

Add parameter to adjust castle.snapshot_frequency to avoid request limit exceptions from AWS.

Minor TIGER-1150

Handle domain-name-change.config file parameters as they were optional to avoid overwriting existing values.

Minor TIGER-1132

Shared cloud is not being pushed to new masters.

Minor CJP-4384

CJOC metrics frequency should be customizable

Minor TIGER-1089

Dynamically loaded plugins cause exceptions in startup logs

Minor TIGER-1107

Mesos master re-election failed under load . Set config parameters to prevent this.

Minor TIGER-1121

Router should continue serving previous routes if marathon is down

Minor TIGER-539

Mesos slaves overprovision. Set initialDelay = 0 for NodeProvisioner by default.

Minor TIGER-1103

Worker init should only start mesos-slave service at the end. Zookeeper may not be running


Increase castle startup time and don't retry forever

Minor TIGER-1008

Use mesos-metric v1.0.1 and pse-config-info v1.0.4 to reduce mesos and PSE metrics count


Modified the way that projects are refreshed on upgrade.

Minor TIGER-1108

Elasticsearch cluster node not restarting. Fix shards parameter


Call mount-elasticsearch-snapshots in parallel on upgrade

Minor TIGER-1090

pse-config showing as an option in cjoc "New Item"

Minor TIGER-1114

Cloud isn't created as readonly from the initial shared cloud configuration. Bump oc-mesos-cloud to 1.8.1

Minor TIGER-1108

[TIGER-1108] Add config parameters for ES default index shards and replicas

Minor TIGER-1096

CJOC logs are too verbose. Turn off verbose shell execution

Minor TIGER-1088

[TIGER-1088] Pull new oc-agent 1.8.2 to get fix for CJP-4169

Minor TIGER-1096

[TIGER-1096] Reduce castle logging level to INFO, instead of FINEST

Minor TIGER-1093

Multiple ZooKeeper errors caused by metrics ping

Known issues


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