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CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.0

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CloudBees Jenkins Platform Private SaaS Edition (PSE) provides a scalable cluster for running CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise in your Amazon EC2 or Openstack cloud environment. See the documentation for more information.

Resolved issues


Known issues

Minor TIGER-1079

Creating many masters quickly causes cluster instability. Do not attempt to create masters in an automated script without some form of built-in throttling.

Minor TIGER-1070

Master in "created" state and provision button not displayed. If you see a master that has been created, but does not have a provision button displayed, click on the 'Configure' link, and then on the 'Save' button. There is no need to modify the configuration, so just save what is present.

Minor TIGER-1056

Mesos/Marathon cannot deploy application even when resources are available. If you see this happen, re-initialize the non-master controllers and then the re-initialize the master controller using the dna command.

Minor TIGER-1052

Managed Master Manage Jenkins Screens Has 'Or Upgrade Automatically' button. Don't use the Upgrade Automatically button, instead use the "upgrade-all-masters" cluster operation.

Minor TIGER-1035

Clock skew can be present across the cluster, and this may cause the cluster to report poor health. Minor clock skew (less than 1 minute) should not present a major problem to PSE.

Minor TIGER-1030

Elasitcsearch is not automatically backed up, use the tiger script elasticsearch-backup to do this. A cron job that routinely runs 'bees-pse prepare elasticsearch-backup && bees-pse apply' will perform a regular backup.

Minor TIGER-1028

Images are not available in all AWS regions. This may make it more time consuming to start up a new PSE cluster. If images are not present in the region you are attempting to use PSE in, please contact support and we will make sure those images get there.

Minor TIGER-919

Mesos slaves can end up with sizable log data. If space is unavailable, removing old logs may help.

Minor TIGER-772

The "dna reencrypt --all" does not work properly. If the project requires re-encryption, be aware that some secrets will need to be re-encrypted by hand.

Minor TIGER-294

PSE CLI does not handle concurrent users. At this time, please avoid having multiple administrators working on the PSE command line tools concurrently.

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