CloudBees, Inc.

Operations Center Analytics Plugin

New Features


No user-visible changes in the plugin. All dependencies have been updated to the baseline.


Upgraded Jenkins OSS LTS version from 1.609.1 to 2.7.19.

Resolved issues


Known issues

Minor CJP-5393

Especially for big clusters with multiple CJE, automatic Backups of CloudBees Jenkins Analytics can cause high memory usage. The workaround when this happens is to disable it.

Minor CJP-5051

CloudBees Jenkins Analytics does not fully support Pipeline job type and this can compromise the accuracy of the statistics since some of the information coming from pipelines will be missing

Minor CJP-5050

Jenkins supports the definition of complex labels for nodes, including expressions with logic operators and conjunctions. This level of complexity is not currently supported by CloudBees Jenkins Analytics and labels having complex expressions are not being reported correctly. As a workaround it is possible to simplify node label expressions by defining multiple labels for the same node.

Minor CJP-5039

Embedded Elasticsearch validation button does not work correctly in this release. In order to check the instance availability, just access any Analytics dashboard in CJOC Web UI and then wait for a while.

Minor CJP-5036

The Dismiss button for the Analytics administrative monitor always redirects to a 404.

Minor CJP-5004

Once Analytics data backup is reconfigured, the CJOC instance needs to be restarted for Analytics to start the new backup cycle and follow the specified timeout period.

Minor CJP-5000

Analytics logs may show some upload failures in 2.7.19.x. The issue is currently being investigated.

Minor CJP-4993

A connection failure error is reported if Analytics Dashboard Creator is accessed via an URL where the cjoc hostname/ip is different from the one configured in the Jenkins Global Coonfiguration page.

Minor CJP-4989

If jobs use label operators to restrict the agent labels they can run on, those logic operators are displayed in the Analytics Dashboards as if they were labels themselves.

Minor CJP-4970

The Analytics BulkReindexOp doesn't appear among the cluster operations options and only does after a restart.

Minor CJP-4919

If upgrading from a Jenkins instance with Analytics version prior to 1.8.100, the Analytics Unreadable Data Monitor may be showing unresolvable data warnings. These can be ignored and dismissed.