CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Long-Running Build Plugin 1.8

New Features


Upgraded Jenkins OSS LTS from 1.609.1 to 1.609.3

Resolved issues

Minor CJP-4104

[CJP-4505] Be extra robust in the callbacks.

it is possible for any of the callbacks to throw an unchecked exception in the case something bad happens. In this case we still want to perform the callbacks for the other completed builds rather than loose them completely.

Minor CJP-4104

[CJP-4104] Manage orphaned executions after builds are done (clean up them automatically if needed)

Minor CJP-4649

[CJP-4649] Don't run concurrent builds when not allowed (which will make other builds wait until all post-task steps finish).

Minor CJP-3637

[CJP-3637] Force executor complete on stop requests after LongRunningBuild.doStop()

Known issues