CloudBees, Inc.

Operations Center Server Plugin

New Features

Minor CJP-5522

Update the help text for CJE the new licensing

Minor CJP-5482

Expose fields from ConnectedMaster and ManagedMaster through Rest API


Upgraded Operations Center Sublicensing from 1.8.100 to


Upgraded Operations Center Context Plugin from 1.8.107 to


Upgraded Operations Center License Entitlement Check from 1.8.100 to


Upgraded CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise License Entitlement Check from 7.17 to 8.0


Upgraded CloudBees License Manager from 7.17 to 8.1


Added Jenkins LTS version 2.7.19

Minor Operations Center Sublicensing

Added Jenkins LTS version 2.7.19

Resolved issues

Minor CJP-5278

Hide SharedCloud and SharedSlave options if there aren't any available implementations

Minor CJP-5367

Hide internal properties on Shared Slave page.

Minor CJP-5264

The OSS JNLP launcher does not work for shared slaves and should always be disabled.

Minor CJP-5172

Improved log rotation to use the methods provided by 2.7 Jenkins core.

Minor CJP-5248

Switch to simple licence mode by default.

Minor CJP-5231

Fix invalid logging when a client master attempts to reconnect

Minor TIGER-1235

Add support for PSE cores field in licenses to CJOC

Minor CJP-5163

Changes to be compatible with Jenkins Core 2.7 (FindBugs issues)

Minor CJP-5176

Improved log rotation to use the methods provided by 2.7 Jenkins core.

Minor CJP-5105

Adjustment made to adapt to the new "New Item" page of Jenkins 2.x.

Known issues

Minor CJP-5556

When a client master is straight deleted from a CJOC, the connection details are left behind. The workaround is to delete the CJOC connection details from the client master global configuration page.

Minor CJP-5040

When running CJOC on Windows, deleting a Client Master from CJOC may display an error indicating that a file could not be deleted. The workaround is to stop CJOC and manually delete the Client Master folder.

Minor CJP-5010

Shared Slaves and Shared Clouds permission may be missing from the RBAC permission matrix. If so, navigate to the "New Item" wizard and then go back to the permission configuration page.

Minor CJP-4983

The process computing the clock difference between CJOC and the client masters takes too long and results in multiple Cancellation Exception in CJOC logs.

Minor CJP-4935

The Dumb Slaves "Launch Method" drop down duplicates the option "Launch Slave Agent via web start". Any of the two options have the same effect, choosing one or the other will not affect the behavior.

Minor CJP-4805

When you are moving a client master, it will be disconnected and reconnected. Move operation of many masters may fail because some of them will get reconnected during the move.

Minor CJP-4952

JNLP Shared Cloud cannot be renamed after creation. You must delete and then recreate it with the new name.

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