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Operations Center Server Plugin 1.8.107

New Features


Upgraded Operations Center Context Plugin from 1.8.100 to 1.8.107

Resolved issues

Minor CJP-5084

Change the Default License Strategy to "Floating Dedicated Executors"

Minor CJP-5008

Add a warning when pushing CJOC connection details to an invalid URL rather than displaying the angry Jenkins page.

Minor CJP-4544

After releasing and attaching a client master is was possible to get blank fields in the "Manage License" on the client master.

Minor CJP-5081

Integrate with the SSO preserving navigation action so that when an authenticated user is navigating from CJOC to CJE and the target is using CJOC's SSO the link should force a login

Minor CJP-5048

Update the authentication mapping on client masters upon a configuration change

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