CloudBees, Inc.

Operations Center Server Plugin 1.6.2

New Features


Swap the order of the raw connection details and the push connection details options to make it clearer that we expect people to use the Push method preferentially and the raw details are only for use as a fall-back

Minor RM-2475

Allow view configuration without taking a SharedSlave/SharedCloud offline

Resolved issues

Minor RM-2619

Add hooks to allow the Operations Center JNLP Controller plugin to detect move operations and release locks on files that prevent move operations on Windows with JNLP clouds.

Known issues


DO NOT USE THIS VERSION. USE VERSION 1.6.3. Binary compatibility with 1.6 was broken in 1.6.2, and as a result plugins compiled against 1.6 (i.e. almost all of them) will not work with 1.6.2