CloudBees, Inc.

Operations Center Client Plugin 1.2

New Features


Add support for push join JOC cluster from JOC master


Update dependencies: operations-center-agent to 1.1, operations-center-context to 1.1, cloudbees-license to 5.3, nectar-license to 5.3

Resolved issues


Properly render an offline cause from the registrar. Otherwise you just see: [yellow_anime.gif] Enabled: com.cloudbees.opscenter.client.plugin.OperationsCenterRootAction$ExceptionCause@123abc (Jenkins 1.542+ would behave better despite this bug: toString on the ExceptionCause would be a polite message plus stack trace, though the formatting would be mangled in the response.)

Known issues

Major RM-2339

Jenkins global configuration gets reset on every restart when connected to Jenkins Operations Center