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Operations Center Context Plugin

New Features

Minor CJP-4772

Move/Copy/Promote feature now supports copying/moving pipeline and multibranch pipeline projects.

Minor CJP-4770

Move/Copy/Promote feature now supports moving/copying matrix projects with their subprojects.

Minor CJP-2953

Pipeline jobs now support cross master triggers in the groovy script definition.

Minor CJP-4604

When moving/copying a job between two masters, if the job contains secrets they are now secured and copied correctly to the destination.

Minor CJP-4433

Move/Copy/Promote UI now filters out ineligible items.

Minor CJP-4771

Move/Copy/Promote feature now supports the move/copy of an organisational folder.


Move/Copy/Promote feature now supports custom artifact managers and take that into account when copying/moving jobs.


Upgraded CloudBees License Manager from 7.17 to 8.1.


Upgraded CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise License Entitlement Check from 7.17 to 8.0.


Added Jenkins OSS LTS version 2.7.19.

Resolved issues

Minor CJP-4498

When moving/copying a job between two masters which use a custom build directory, the builds are now copied to/from the right build directory defined by the user.

Minor CJP-4430

Solved the issue which prevented to Move/Copy jobs with an artifact named config.xml.

Known issues

Minor CJP-5528

A second promotion of a job to a target instance which does not have RBAC configuration can fail with no replication permission. The workaround is to enable RBAC on the target instance or use groovy to remove the RBAC configuration from the promoted job.

Minor CJP-5487

At the very first startup, relocating a pipeline job may not work correctly due to the Move/Copy/Promote pipeline handler not being fully registered. Restarting the instance will solve the issue.

Minor CJP-5331

The move/copy/promote feature does not work correctly when the UI auto-refresh option is enabled. It is recommended to disable auto-refresh.

Minor CJP-4914

The copy of a client master is not supported and should not be performed. If done, this may result in undefined behaviour.

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