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Operations Center Context Plugin

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Resolved issues

Minor CJP-6448

[Move/Copy/Promote] further improvements of local relocation operations.

Minor CJP-5023

Set Cache-Control to no-cache to get uniform behaviour in all browsers. IE was caching REST requests so newly created folders where not shown in the Move/Copy dialog until the cache expired.

Minor CJP-4913

[Move/Copy/Promote] In the Move/Copy/Promote browse bar, do not show a warning if the selected item is an empty container.

Minor CJP-6711

[Move/Copy/Promote] Properly handle Managed Master type in the dropdown browse bar (and show it as a master, not as a folder).

Minor CJP-6669

[Move/Copy/Promote] Give Administrators the promotion permission by default.

Minor CJP-6445

Fixed exception with missing class when login with Google Login plugin is configured on CJOC.

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