CloudBees, Inc.

Operations Center Context Plugin 1.8.19

New Features

Minor CJP-4041

Move/Copy/Promote: If an operation fails, tidy up the folders created during this operation.

Resolved issues


Move/Copy/Promote: IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown when the source does not have permission to browse the remote path.

Minor CJP-4650

Move/Copy/Promote: When the destination path cannot be validated, no form value reset button is shown.

Minor CJP-3908

Move/Copy/Promote operation hangs if the destination master is restarted.

Minor CJP-4365

Move/Copy/Promote": UI shows duplicated "Continue Anyway" button in Copy operation if a warning happens.

Minor CJP-4470

Move/Copy/Promote and Remote Trigger: Destination path GUI does not allow editing a browser path by deleting only the last path segment.

Minor CJP-4187

Move/Copy/Promote and Remote Trigger: Destination path GUI fails to construct the path if its segment contains space in its name or display name.

Known issues