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New Features

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Jenkins OSS LTS from 2.46.26 to 2.46.27

Resolved issues


Known issues

Minor OSS-1350

Dependencies to plugins which were previously bundled on Jenkins WAR (detached plugins) are not resolved automatically. These plugins will have to be manually installed. More information JENKINS-37545

Minor OSS-1074

When renaming a folder if clicking Apply instead of Save, a confirmation pop-up dialog is shown with duplicated header and footer. The workaround is to use the Save button

Minor CJP-5607

AWS & Azure users may see a warning about expired licenses at first CJP boot. This message can be safely ignored and will be removed once the setup process is completed

Minor CJP-5556

When a Client Master is straight deleted from a CJOC, the connection details are left behind. The workaround is to delete the CJOC connection details from the client master global configuration page.

Minor CJP-5496

Shared Docker Cloud Configuration is not supported after 2.7.20.x release line

Minor CJP-5393

Especially for large clusters with multiple CJE instances, automatic backups of CloudBees Jenkins Analytics can cause high memory usage. The workaround when this happens is to disable automatic backups of Analytics.

Minor CJP-5051

CloudBees Jenkins Analytics does not fully support the Pipeline job type. This can compromise the accuracy of the statistics, because some of the information coming from pipelines will be missing

Minor CJP-5050

Jenkins supports the definition of complex labels for nodes, including expressions with logic operators and conjunctions. This level of complexity is not currently supported by CloudBees Jenkins Analytics, so labels having complex expressions are not being reported correctly. As a workaround, it is possible to simplify node label expressions by defining multiple labels for the same node

Minor CJP-5040

When running CJOC on Windows, deleting a Client Master from CJOC may display an error indicating that a file could not be deleted. The workaround is to stop CJOC and manually delete the Client Master folder

Minor CJP-5036

The Dismiss button for the Analytics administrative monitor always redirects to a 404 error page.

Minor CJP-5010

Shared Slaves and Shared Clouds permissions may be missing from the RBAC permission matrix. If so, navigate to the "New Item" wizard, and then go back to the permission configuration page

Minor CJP-5004

Once Analytics data backup is reconfigured, the CJOC instance needs to be restarted for Analytics to start the new backup cycle and follow the specified timeout period

Minor CJP-5000

Analytics logs may show some upload failures in the 2.7.20.x release line

Minor CJP-4993

A connection failure error is reported if Analytics Dashboard Creator is accessed via a URL where the CJOC hostname/ip is different from the one configured in the Jenkins Global Configuration page

Minor CJP-4989

If jobs use label operators to restrict the agent labels they can run on, those logic operators are displayed in the Analytics Dashboards as if they were labels themselves

Minor CJP-4970

The Analytics BulkReindexOp doesn't appear among the cluster operations options. The workaround is to restart Jenkins

Minor CJP-4952

JNLP Shared Cloud cannot be renamed after creation. You must delete and then recreate it with the new name

Minor CJP-4935

The Dumb Slaves "Launch Method" drop down duplicates the option "Launch Slave Agent via web start." Any of the two options have the same effect, choosing one or the other will not affect the behavior

Minor CJP-4919

If upgrading from a Jenkins instance with Analytics version prior to 1.8.100, the Analytics Unreadable Data Monitor may be showing unresolvable data warnings. These can be ignored and dismissed

Minor CJP-4914

The copy of a Client Master is not supported, and should not be performed. Doing so may result in undefined behaviour

Minor CJP-4833

If a build agent from either a Shared Slave or a Shared Cloud is returned to CJOC while CJOC is in certain specific points during the shutdown lifecycle, then the connected master will no longer retain a record of the lease and the record of the lease return will not have been persisted on CJOC. The specific build agent in question will be unavailable for lease until the build agent lease is manually force released

Minor CJP-4805

When you are moving a Client Master, it will be disconnected and reconnected. Move operation of many masters may fail because some of them will get reconnected during the move

Minor CJP-3803

Shared Cloud instances on CJOC are malfunctional if their names contain spaces and other special symbols. The recommended symbol set is a-zA-Z0-9-_

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