CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Operations Center 1.609.1.1

New Features


Upgraded Jenkins to the 1.609.1 LTS release.


Most bundled plugins updated. See individual components for details.


New license manager provides an easier-to-use license and evaluation experience and supports new plugin tiers.

Major Docs

Job promotion allows you to test jobs on one client master and then promote them for use on another client master.

Major Docs

Cluster-wide job triggers allow a job on one client master to trigger jobs on another client master.

Major Docs

Shared configuration snippets allow CJOC administrators to centrally control master configuration and reduce duplication across masters.

Major Docs

EC2 Shared Slave Configuration allows you to share EC2 cloud slave configuration between multiple masters.

Major Docs

Docker Shared Slave Configuration allows Docker slave configurations to be shared between many masters connected to CJOC

Resolved issues


Known issues

Minor CJOC-655

NullPointerException when promoting a job to CJOC's root

Minor CJOC-599

RPM installer violates Linux packaging guidlines

Minor CJOC-667

Verbose logging in CJOC when unconnected client masters post analytics.

Minor CJE-2185

VMWare machine center renaming not reflected in general Clouds configuration

Minor CJE-2195

HA may fail on IPv6 only machines

Minor CJOC-620

Remote job picker doesn't display any details on the details link

Minor CJOC-669

Configure analytics and reporter on JOC without specifying reporter feeder URL results in exceptions

Minor CJOC-673

Docker Shared Cloud Configuration is not bundled in the war

Minor CJE-2259

After promoting some plugins, I click on "Last complete Promotion" on an update center and receive a "promotion.log not found exception"

Minor CJOC-658

Many exceptions are logged when CJE is connected to CJOC using "Push connection details"


If you copy folders or jobs on client masters manually then you will need to ensure that you remove any unique-id.txt files that are present in the destination after the copy.

Minor CJOC-657

Pre-flight validation may be false-positive if a job gets updated during the job promotion

Minor CJOC-639

Promote-jobs: Pre-flight validation is too aggressive, promotion fails on default installation

Minor CJOC-642

Promote jobs destination cannot be renamed

Minor CJOC-597

Multiple communication errors in logs when connecting a client master

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