CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 2.60.2-cb-1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-44894

Allow overriding the Jenkins session ID suffix so it doesn't change on every restart, possibly resulting in too many cookies.

Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-9283

Add documentation for time zone specification for cron patterns (e.g. SCM polling).

Minor JENKINS-44523

Do not submit form when pressing Enter in the plugin manager's filter field.

Minor JENKINS-44589

Jenkins failed to perform some cleanup tasks, including saving the build queue, if stopped via REST /exit, CLI shutdown, or when restarting from Install as Windows Service.

Minor JENKINS-44608

Don't check whether disabled administrative monitors are active or not on the Manage Jenkins page.

Minor JENKINS-44764

When starting the jenkins.war directly, properly check for Java 8 as minimum instead of Java 7 before proceeding.

Minor JENKINS-44769

Prevent NullPointerExceptionwhen calling restart CLI command (regression in 2.57).

Minor JENKINS-44942

Prevent possible NullPointerException when listing remote directories using the FilePath#list() and FilePath#listDirectories() APIs.

Known issues