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Jenkins OSS LTS 2.60.1

New Features

Major Release Notes

Windows services: Upgrade the bundled Windows Service Wrapper from 1.18 to 2.0.2.

Major Release Notes

Upgrade the Windows Agent Installer module from 1.6 to 1.7. This change picks major updates in Windows service management logic. This fix caused a critical regression in the Windows Slaves Plugin (JENKINS-42724). Update to Windows Slaves 1.3.1 in order to get the fix applied.

Major JENKINS-27624

Jenkins (master and agents) now requires Java 8 to run.

Minor Release Notes

Upgrade remoting to version 3.5.

Minor Pull Request

Developer: Allow referencing radio buttons in f:validateButton validation methods.

Minor Pull Request

Use redirect URLs on instead of linking to wiki pages directly, allowing future reorganization of documentation without breaking links in Jenkins.

Minor JENKINS-31598

Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to version 3.2.2. Note: Jenkins has been using a blacklist to prevent exploiting the serialization vulnerability in 3.2.1 since before 3.2.2 was released.

Minor JENKINS-34522

Internal API: Allow providing a custom task name in Run/Schedule UI via the AlternativeUiTextProvider extension.

Minor JENKINS-42585

Improve plugin access performance in the default PluginManager implementation.

Minor JENKINS-42443

Select controls in Jenkins Web UI now show the spinner icon while waiting for the list of possible options during AJAX. requests.

Minor JENKINS-42468

Windows services: Change the default Agent service display name prefix to Jenkins agent %ID%.

Minor Documentation

Windows services: Add support of shared directories mapping in Windows agent services.

Minor JENKINS-39237

Windows services: Enable auto-upgrade of remoting on newly installed agents if they are connected by HTTPS.

Minor JENKINS-39231

Windows services: Enable Runaway Process Killer by default in new Agent and Master installations.

Minor Pull Request

Internal API: Annotate PermissionGroup#owner @Nonnull.

Minor Pull Request

Internal API: Save Jenkins after calling setSecurityRealm or setAuthorizationStrategy.

Minor JENKINS-34691

Internal API: Add the ability for ItemListener to veto copy operations.

Minor JENKINS-42627

Update French localization.

Minor Pull Request

Update Russian localization.

Minor Pull Request

SSHD 1.10: Move SSH server port configuration to security options page.

Minor Pull Request

Removed localizations with very low coverage: Albanian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Esperanto, Galician, Georgian, Gujarati, Hindi, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Kannada, Macedonian, Marathi, Mongolian, Occitan, Punjabi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Thai.

Minor Pull Request

Update German localization.

Minor JENKINS-34670

Internal API: Add support of a new full screen mode in layout.jelly.

Minor JENKINS-42934

GC Performance: Avoid using FileInputStream and FileOutputStream in the core codebase.

Minor JENKINS-42645

Use case-insensitive search by default for new and anonymous users.

Minor Pull Request

Internal API: SSH CLI client authenticator 1.3. Expose PublicKeySignatureWriter to plugins.

Minor Pull Request

Added fine-grain logging of FullDuplexHttpService to diagnose issues when establishing an HTTP Duplex connection.

Minor JENKINS-43825

Internal: Refactor ProcessTree#Windows logic to propagate errors.

Minor JENKINS-43733

Internal: Pick up the latest release of version-number library.

Minor JENKINS-33021

Update the Trilead SSH library to get support of new Mac, Key, and Key Exchange Algorithms.

Minor Pull Request

Use build display names in RSS feed titles.

Minor JENKINS-43929

Prevent Internet Explorer from caching AJAX requests using Cache-Control header.

Minor JENKINS-24141

Internal: Generalize the changelog API to support non-AbstractBuild run types.

Minor JENKINS-43603

Windows services: Add system property that allows disabling WinSW automatic upgrade on agents.

Minor JENKINS-43737

Update to Windows Service Wrapper 2.1.0 to support new features: download command with authentication, flag for startup failure on download error, Delayed Automatic Start mode.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-42724

Restore Windows Slaves Plugin 1.2 compatibility by restoring windows-service/jenkins.xml, regression in 2.50.

Major JENKINS-42744

Update to Windows Service Wrapper 2.0.3 and Windows Agent Installer 1.8 to prevent conversion of environment variables to lowercase in the agent executable, regression in Jenkins 2.50.

Major JENKINS-43495

Packaging: Debian package now requires Java 8. (causes regression since 2.54).

Major JENKINS-42959

Move to latest version of Trilead to fix SSH connection issues following a previous Trilead upgrade.

Minor JENKINS-33358

Update Groovy to 2.4.8 to address memory leak issue. Do not use this version if you are running Pipeline builds unless you also update Pipeline: Groovy to 2.28 or higher.

Minor Release Notes

Windows services: Integrate various stability and performance fixes in Windows Service Wrapper from 1.18 to 2.0.2. There are many fixes around configuration options and process termination.

Minor JENKINS-22692

Windows services: Prevent agent connection reset issues when WinSW gets terminated due to the system shutdown.

Minor Release Notes

Update Remoting from 3.5 to 3.7 in order to prevent file descriptor leaks on agents in the case of multiple connection attempts.

Minor Pull Request

Fix relative links in the SCM polling administrative monitor.

Minor Pull Request

When creating temporary files, use the jenkins prefix instead of the old hudson one.

Minor Pull Request

Searching in the Build History widget takes into account user preferences (case sensitivity by default).

Minor JENKINS-40718

Allow searching by build parameter values in the Build History widget.

Minor JENKINS-42319

Internal API: Make Run#compareTo work across jobs.

Minor JENKINS-42556

Internal: Make sure system threads run as SYSTEM.

Minor JENKINS-23273

Packaging: Do not invoke recursive chown in JENKINS_HOME during the RPM post-install step unless owned by a different user.

Minor JENKINS-40848

Introduce status indicator for skipped download job.

Minor JENKINS-16337

SSH CLI client authenticator 1.4. Add missing SSH Public Key field validation in user configuration.

Minor JENKINS-43611

Fix log message formatting when migrating AllView names due to JENKINS-38606"

Minor JENKINS-35160

Before deleting jobs, try to abort the running builds. Error will be thrown instead of the job deletion if its builds cannot be aborted.

Minor JENKINS-41932

Update LibZFS from 0.5 to 0.8 to fix compatibility issues with ZFS filesystem and illumos distributions.

Minor JENKINS-43653

Deleting jobs with running builds could result in NullPointerException (regression in 2.55).

Minor JENKINS-43531

Plugins did not expect InvalidPathException to be thrown in file-related methods, so wrap them in IOException to restore behavior (regression in 2.55).

Minor JENKINS-38005

Properly log failure due to empty archive in Pipeline.

Minor JENKINS-42728

Properly fail with error when updating view with CLI using input of a different view type.

Minor JENKINS-44117

Use full display name for runs in RSS feed to restore the project name there (regression in 2.59).

Minor JENKINS-43930

Windows services: Prevent fatal file descriptor leak when agent service installer fails to read data from the service startup.log.

Minor JENKINS-42745

Windows services: Restore compatibility of the WindowsSlaveInstaller#generateSlaveXml() method (regression in 2.50, no known external usages)

Minor JENKINS-44120

Fix for NullPointerException while initiating some SSH connections (regression in 2.59).

Known issues