CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 2.46.3

New Features

Minor JENKINS-43936

Migrate legacy users only once per restart to improve performance of the user retrieval logic

Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-21695

If an exception is thrown while rendering an HTTP response, just log the stack trace on the server side, without trying to send an error page to the client

Minor JENKINS-41778

Setup wizard gets into bad state when failures like network issues happen

Minor JENKINS-42043

Catch and log RuntimeException in Computer#setNode() when updating the Computer list

Minor JENKINS-42707

Fix AccessDeniedException in Build after other projects are built when user has Discover permission but not Read

Minor JENKINS-42717

Prevent NullPointerException when a non-existent default view is specified in Configure System

Minor JENKINS-42852

Properly handle saving system configuration when disabling all, or all but one, administrative monitors

Minor JENKINS-42861

Remove links in stack traces to the service that has been shut down

Minor JENKINS-43279

Ensure that Cloud.PROVISION is properly initialized during the configuration loading

Minor JENKINS-44010

Prevent rare NullPointerException if an admin user is created in the setup wizard after first disabling CSRF protection

Known issues