CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 2.32.2

New Features

Minor JENKINS-25333

Update to Winstone 3.2 to support ad-hoc certificate generation on Java 8 (using unsupported APIs). This option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. We strongly recommend you create self-signed certificates yourself and use --httpsKeyStore and related options instead

Resolved issues

Major Security Advisory 2017-02-01

Fixes the security issues described in the advisory.

Minor JENKINS-40666

Correctly state that Jenkins will refuse to load plugins whose dependencies are not satisfied in plugin manager.

Minor JENKINS-32358

The install-plugin CLI command now correctly installs plugins when multiple file arguments are specified.

Minor JENKINS-40863

Prevent the ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletException error when invoking shell tasks on remote agents.

Minor JENKINS-39268

Properties were not passed to Maven command by Maven build step when the Inject Build Variables flag was not set.

Minor JENKINS-39700

Job configuration submission now does not fail when there is no parameters property.

Minor JENKINS-39835

Update remoting to 3.4 in order to properly terminate the channel in the case Errors and Exceptions.

Minor JENKINS-39971

Check for Updates button in the Plugin Manager was hidden in the Updates tab when there were no plugins updates available.

Minor JENKINS-40362

SSHD Module: Handshake was failing (wrong shared secret) 1 out of 256 times due to SSHD-330.

Minor JENKINS-40435

Performance: Use bulk change when submitting Job configurations to minimize the number of sequential config.xml write operations.

Minor JENKINS-40470

Jobs were hanging during process termination on the Solaris 11 Intel platform.

Minor JENKINS-40894

Restore option value for setting build result to unstable when loading shell and batch build steps from disk.

Known issues