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Jenkins OSS LTS 2.32.1

New Features

Major JENKINS-38391

Show notification with popup on most pages when administrative monitors are active

Major JENKINS-36871

Remoting 3.0: New JNLP4-connect protocol, which improves performance and stability compared to the JNLP3-connect protocol

Major JENKINS-37564

Upgrade to the Remoting 3 baseline. Compatibility notes are available here

Minor JENKINS-37616

Make Cloud.PROVISION permission independent from Jenkins.ADMINISTER

Minor PR-2532

Developer API: UpdateSite#getJsonSignatureValidator() can be now overriden and used in plugins

Minor PR-2532

Add newline after the text in userContent/readme.txt

Minor JENKINS-30565

Ask for confirmation before canceling/aborting runs

Minor PR-2525

Update to sezpoz 1.12 with better diagnostics

Minor JENKINS-36420

Update to sshd module 1.7, allowing definition of client idle timeout

Minor JENKINS-19142

Prompt user whether to add the job to the current view

Minor JENKINS-37731

Change symbol and constructor for SCMTrigger to pollScm to make it usable in Pipeline scripts

Minor PR-2554

Added Serbian locatization

Minor JENKINS-32148

Indicate hovered table row on striped tables

Minor PR-2545

Add new jenkins.model.Jenkins.slaveAgentPortEnforce system property, which prevents slave agent port modification via Jenkins Web UI and form submissions

Minor PR-2555

Ensure exception stacktrace is shown when there's a FormException

Minor JENKINS-38301

Allow disabling/enabling administrative monitors on Configure Jenkins form

Minor PR-2570

Internal: Code modernization: Use try-with-resources a lot more

Minor PR-2578

Internal: Bulk cleanup of @since definitions in Javadoc

Minor PR-1894

Internal: Invoke hpi:record-core-location during the build in order to enabled coordinated run accross repositories

Minor JENKINS-35967

Harden checks of prohibited names in user creation logic. Untrimmed spaces and different letter cases are being checked now

Minor PR-2561

Performance: Update XStream driver to improve performance of XML serilization/deserialization

Minor JENKINS-23784

Performance: Avoid acquiring locks in MaskingClassloader

Minor JENKINS-23786

Allow CommandInterpreter build steps to set a build result as Unstable via the return code. Shell and Batch build steps now support this feature

Minor PR-2595

Internal: Make the code more compatible with Java 9 requirements and allow its editing in newest NetBeans versions with NB bug 268452

Minor JENKINS-37565

Remoting 3.0: Agents using slave.jar now explicitly require Java 7

Minor PR-2568

Internal: Update Guice dependency from 4.0-beta to 4.0. This change required upgrade of detached plugins

Minor JENKINS-38370

Internal: Start defining APIs that are for the master JVM only

Minor PR-2593

Internal: Upgrade Stapler library from 1.243 to 1.246 with fixes required for the Blue Ocean project.Raw changes are listed here

Minor PR-2606

Update the minimal required versions of the detached JUnit plugin from 1.2-beta-4 to 1.6. Changelog is available here

Minor PR-2606

Update the minimal required versions of the detached Maven Project plugin from 2.7.1 to 2.14. Changelog is available here

Minor JENKINS-39172

Performance: Improve responsiveness of Jenkins web UI on mobile devices

Minor Stapler PR-85

Internal: Jelly attribute documentation now supports the since tag

Minor JENKINS-39404

Internal: Modify the Actionable API to provide methods to assist with manipulation of persisted actions

Minor JENKINS-39535

Performance: Optimize log retrieval logic for large log files

Minor PR-2631

Improved Polish translation

Minor JENKINS-39289

Remoting 3.1: When a proxy fails, report what caused the channel to go down

Minor JENKINS-38692

Remoting 3.1: Add extra logging to help diagnosing IOHub concurrent thread number spikes

Minor JENKINS-39290

Remoting 3.1: Add the org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub.disabled flag for disabling NIO, mostly for debugging purposes

Minor JENKINS-39543

Remoting 3.1: Improve the caller/callee correlation diagnostics in thread dumps

Minor JENKINS-39150

Remoting 3.1: Add method for dumping diagnostics across all the channels (e.g. in the Support Core Plugin)

Minor JENKINS-39172

Performance: Improve responsiveness of Jenkins web UI on mobile devices. This is a continuation of an existing improvement


Allow disabling the Jenkins CLI over HTTP and JNLP agent port by setting the System property jenkins.CLI.disabled to true.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-39232

Relax requirements of the JNLP connection receiver, which was rejections connections from agents not using JNLPComputerLauncher (e.g. from Slave Setup, vSphere Cloud and other plugins). No the connection is accepted from launchers implementing other proxying and filtering Launcher implementations. Particular plugins may require setting up the jenkins.slaves.DefaultJnlpSlaveReceiver.disableStrictVerification system property in the master JVM to allow connecting agents

Major JENKINS-39414

Integration of Stapler 1.246 caused regressions in plugins depending on Ruby Runtime Plugin. Upgraded to Stapler 1.248. This completes the fix introduced by migrating to Stapler 1.247 in this same issue

Major JENKINS-39555

Adjust incompatible Actionable initialization changes made for JENKINS-39404. It caused massive regressions in plugins like Jenkins Pipeline

Major JENKINS-39596

It was not possible to connect Jenkins agents via Java Web Start due to a issue in Remoting 3.0. Upgraded to Remoting 3.1 with a fix. This is a regresion in 2.14

Major JENKINS-23271

Prevent early deallocation of process references by Garbage Collector when starting a remote process. It was sometimes causing build failures with messages like FATAL: Invalid object ID 184 iuota=187 and java.lang.Exception: Object was recently deallocated

Minor JENKINS-37559

Fixed process tree management logic on Solaris with 64-bit JVMs

Minor JENKINS-38650

Cleanup spelling in CLI help and error messages

Minor JENKINS-38678

Properly remove disabled Administrative Monitors from the extension list

Minor JENKINS-38960

Internal: Icon handling API for items. Deprecate TopLevelItemDescriptor#getIconFilePathPattern() and switch to IconSpec

Minor JENKINS-37664

Prevented endless loop in LargeText.BufferSession.skip(), which was causing hanging of Pipeline jobs in corner cases

Minor JENKINS-39363

Prevent resource leak in hudson.XmlFile#readRaw() in the case of encoding issues

Minor JENKINS-39454

Queue: Do not consider pending tasks from the internal scheduling logic when looking for duplicate tasks. It was causing race conditions in Jenkins Pipeline

Minor JENKINS-39414

Integration of Stapler 1.246 caused regressions in plugins depending on Ruby Runtime Plugin. Upgraded to Stapler 1.247. This change is a partial fix that is completed with the migration to Stapler 1.248

Minor JENKINS-39617

Remoting 3.1: hudson.remoting.Engine (mostly Java Web Start) was failing to establish connection if one of the URLs in urls parameter was malformed

Minor JENKINS-39520

ExtensionList.removeAll was not unimplemented in Jenkins extension management API. It was causing issues during dynamic loading of GitHub and BitBucket branch source plugins on the same instance

Minor JENKINS-39741

Redirect to login page in the case of authorisation error when checking connectivity to the Update Center

Minor JENKINS-20913

WinP 1.24: Native class now tries loading DLLs from the temporary location

Known issues