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Jenkins OSS LTS 2.19.4

New Features

Minor JENKINS-26940

Print warnings if none of Tool Installers can be used during the tool installation

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-39465

Custom remoting enable/disable settings were not properly persisted on the disk and then reloaded.This issue could prevent users from version 2.16 or higher to enable JNLP3 or JNLP4 protocols

Minor JENKINS-39604

Reduce logging level when the localization resource is missing ResourceBundleUtil#getBundle()

Minor JENKINS-38721

Prevent NullPointerException when rendering CauseOfInterruption.UserInterruption in build summary pages for non-existent users.

This issue caused that sometimes an exception with the following message Cannot get property 'fullName' on null object to appear when viewing cancelled pipeline jobs,

Minor JENKINS-38651

Display transient actions for labels

Minor JENKINS-38640

Performance: Fix the performance of unstash when data is sent over the network. This was related to compression issues

Minor JENKINS-38814

Perfomance: Fix the perfomance of FilePath.untarFrom and unzipFrom

Minor JENKINS-38615

Add user information to the restart log message after updating plugins

Minor JENKINS-38539

Remoting 2.62.2: Improve connection stability by turning on Socket Keep-alive by default. Keep-alive can be disabled via the -noKeepAlive option on slave agent process

Minor JENKINS-37539

Remoting 2.62.2: Prevent NullPointerException in Engine#connect() when host or port parameters are null or empty

Minor JENKINS-38487

Jenkins startup does not fail if one of ComputerListeners throws exception in the onOnline() handler

Minor JENKINS-38187

Fix handling of the jenkins.model.Jenkins.slaveAgentPort system property, which was not honored. This was a regression on 2.0

Minor JENKINS-36539

Properly enable submit button on New Item page when choosing item type first

Minor JENKINS-35845

Fix internationalization in Blue Ocean and Jenkins Design Language

Minor JENKINS-31871

Properly handle quotes and other special symbols in item names during form validation

Minor JENKINS-31768

Prevent deadlocks during modification of node executor numbers (e.g. during deletion of nodes)

Minor JENKINS-27367

Restore automatic line wrapping in Build Step text boxes with syntax highlighting

Minor JENKINS-23244

Perfomance: Node Build history page loads information sequentially instead of spawn several parallel heavy requests to prevent affect the perfomance of the jenkins instance

Minor JENKINS-10912

Fix JS/browser memory leak on Jenkins dashboard

Known issues