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Jenkins OSS LTS 2.19.3

New Features

Major JENKINS-36923

Decouple bouncycastle libraries from Jenkins by moving them into bouncycastle-api plugin

Minor JENKINS-38473

Decrease connection timeout when changing the JNLP agent port via Groovy system scripts

Minor JENKINS-36537

Allow the use of custom JSON signature validator for Update Site metadata signature checks

Minor JENKINS-37438

Allow invoking Upgrade Wizard when Jenkins starts up. It can be done by placing an empty jenkins.install.InstallUtil.lastExecVersion file in JENKINS_HOME

Minor JENKINS-33549

Expose Job name to system logs when Jenkins fails to create a new build with IllegalStateException

Minor Log improvements

Downgrade Queue#maintain() message for dead executors during task mapping from INFO to FINE

Minor Remoting 2.61

Remoting 2.61: Improve diagnostics of Local Jar Cache write errors

Minor JENKINS-22853

Remoting 2.62: Be robust against the delayed EOF command when unexporting input and output streams

Minor JENKINS-37218

Remoting 2.62: Cleanup of minor issues discovered by FindBugs

Minor JENKINS-37031

Remoting 2.62: TCP agent connection listener now publishes a list of supported agent protocols to speed up the connection setup

Minor Improved translations

Improved German translation

Minor Improved translations

Improved Lithuanian translations

Minor Improved translations

Improved Bulgarian translations

Minor JENKINS-37223

Add diagnostic HTTP response to TCP agent listener

Minor JENKINS-36715

Internal: Invoke FindBugs during core build

Minor JENKINS-36922

Upgrade to instance-identity-module 2.0

Minor JENKINS-36996

Hide the Java Web Start launcher when the TCP agent port is disabled

Minor JENKINS-37032

Allow admins to control the enabled agent protocols on their instance from the global security settings screen

Minor JENKINS-34915

Internal: Move CLI commands wait-node-online/wait-node-offline from core to CLI module

Minor JENKINS-36871

Internal: Allow accessing instance identity from core

Minor JENKINS-36775

Use the icon specified by the computer implementation on its overview page

Minor JENKINS-34468

Internal: Extract the CLI command offline-node from core

Minor JENKINS-36629

Minor optimization in calculation of recent build stability health report

Minor JENKINS-35423

CLI commands quiet-down and cancel-quiet-down were extracted from the core to CLI.

Minor JENKINS-35423

Developer API: Extract listing of computer names to the ComputerSet#getComputerNames() method

Minor JENKINS-36494

Developer API: Add a try with resources form of impersonation

Minor Eliminate _dead executor_ UI after certain errors

Eliminate “dead executor” UI appearing after certain errors, such as JENKINS-27530

Minor JENKINS-36280

Enable the DescriptorVisibilityFilters for ComputerLauncher, RetentionStrategy and NodePropert

Minor JENKINS-36277

Before starting a process, ensure that its working directory exists

Minor Update `BUILD_TAG` environment variable description

Update BUILD_TAG environment variable description to mention the replacement of slashes with dashes

Minor Internal API Improvement

Make BulkChange auto-closeable

Minor JENKINS-36123

Provide an extension point for SCM decisions such as whether to poll a specific job's backing repository for changes

Minor Improved exception message

Better exception message if a SecurityRealm returns null when loading a user

Minor JENKINS-34923

API: Allow delegating TaskListener creation to build agent implementations

Minor JENKINS-33780

API: Introduce new listener extension point for slave creation/update/deletion

Minor Optimization of PNG images

Lossless optimization sizes of PNG images in Jenkins

Minor Improve proxy validation logic

Add NTLM support to the proxy validation logic

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-35184

Failed to load jenkins.util.SystemProperties on slaves

Major JENKINS-37332

Prevent File descriptor leaks when reading plugin manifests. It causes failures during the upgrade of detached plugins on Windows. This is a regression in 2.16

Major JENKINS-31791

Don't load all builds to display the paginated build history widget

Major JENKINS-21486

Fix plugin dependency resolution. Jenkins will now refuse to load plugins with unsatisfied dependencies, which resulted in difficult to diagnose problems. This may result in errors on startup if your instance has an invalid plugin configuration., check the Jenkins log for details

Major JENKINS-18435

Tell browsers not to cache or try to autocomplete forms in Jenkins to prevent problems due to invalid data in form submissions. From now on, only select form fields (e.g. job name) will offer autocompletion

Major Important security fixes

Fixes the unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability described in the advisory.

Minor JENKINS-38534

Prevent instantiation of jenkins.model.Jenkins on agents in the ProcessKillingVeto extension point

Minor JENKINS-37997

Fix NullPointerException when descriptor is not in DescriptorList

Minor JENKINS-37874

Print warnings to system logs and administrative monitors when Jenkins initialization does not reach the final milestone

Minor JENKINS-34287

CLI: Connection over HTTP was not working correctly

Minor JENKINS-34250

Use the correct gear icon for Manage Jenkins in Plugin Manager

Minor JENKINS-31487

Build history was not properly updating via AJAX

Minor JENKINS-23232

CLI: Disable the channel message chunking by default. Prevents connection issues like invalid stream header: 0A0A0A0A

Minor JENKINS-18114

Exclude /cli URL from CSRF protection crumb requirement, making the CLI work with CSRF protection enabled and JNLP port disabled

Minor JENKINS-37814

Fixed the missing icon in the System Script console

Minor JENKINS-37549

Fixed background color in the ComboBoxList element in order to make options visible

Minor JENKINS-37360

Fixed editing default view description with automatic refresh. System message is not being displayed instead of the view description

Minor JENKINS-36748

Do not process null CRON specifications in build triggers

Minor JENKINS-33374

Setup wizard now checks if the restart is supported on the system before displaying the restart button

Minor JENKINS-29956

Test Windows junctions before Java 7 symlink in symbolic link checks

Minor JENKINS-37561

Prevent resource leaks in AntClassLoader being used in the core

Minor JENKINS-34532

Fix the wrong message about empty field in the case duplicate item name in the New Item dialog

Minor JENKINS-37523

New Item page shows "field cannot be empty" error when attempting to create a duplicate item

Minor JENKINS-37098

Prevent open file leak when the agent channel onClose() listener writes to the already closed log

Minor JENKINS-36717

Massive cleanup of issues reported by FindBugs. User-visible issues - wrong log message formatting bugs in the Update Center and user creation logic

Minor JENKINS-37140

Remoting 2.61: JNLP Slave connection issue with JNLP3-connect when the generated encrypted cookie contains a newline symbols

Minor JENKINS-36991

Remoting 2.61: Retry loading classes when remote classloader gets interrupted

Minor Findbugs cleanup

Remoting 2.62: Cleanup of minor issues discovered by FindBugs

Minor Display delete button only when build is not locked

Display delete button only when build is not locked

Minor JENKINS-36732

Use build start times instead of build scheduled times in build timeline widget

Minor JENKINS-29922

Internal: Fix the default value handling of ArtifactArchiver.excludes

Minor JENKINS-36748

Prevent null pointer exceptions when not entering a cron spec for a trigger

Minor JENKINS-36666

Defend against some fatal startup errors

Minor JENKINS-36594

When a user aborts the build, this user may be restored after its deletion

Minor JENKINS-36592

Prevent potential NullPointerException in the BlockedBecauseOfBuildInProgress build blockage cause visualization

Minor JENKINS-36593

Developer API: Usage of ItemCategory#MIN_TOSHOW in external plugins is now restricted

Minor JENKINS-34668

Make setup wizard installation panel usable on small screens

Minor JENKINS-36232

Prevent NullPointerException during SCM polling if SCMDecisionHandler returns null veto. This is a regression in 2.11

Minor JENKINS-21486

Fix optional plugin dependency version resolution

Minor JENKINS-20187

When creating a tar file, ensure that the final size does not exceed the value in header in the case of growing files

Minor JENKINS-25416

Do not inject build variables into Maven process by default for new projects

Minor JENKINS-33600

Prevent NullPointerException in user registration if user ID is not specified

Minor JENKINS-36052

Internal: It was impossible to build Jenkins on 32-bit Linux machine

Minor JENKINS-35190

Remoting 2.60: Fix potential file handle leaks during the build agent (FKA slave) startup

Known issues

Minor JENKINS-38721

For non-existent users, the build summary pages can throw an exception (NullPointerException) for user-interrupted builds (CauseOfInterruption.UserInterruption).