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Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-49565

Update Apache Mina SSHD Core from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 in CLI client.

Minor JENKINS-49737

Update Executable War from 1.37 to 1.38 to show an error when an attempt is made to run Jenkins on Java 9.

Minor JENKINS-3471

Always show the master node in the executors widget, even when it is offline.

Minor JENKINS-30909

Periodically persist the build queue so it can be restored on abnormal process termination.

Minor JENKINS-50056

Reduce memory footprint of jenkins.model.lazy.AbstractLazyLoadRunMap#search in descending order.

Minor JENKINS-49788

Add ConcurrentLinkedQueue to white-listed classes for use in XStream (XML serialization) and Remoting (agent communication).

Minor JENKINS-49795

Clean up the build.xml files of parameterized projects that contained unnecessary serialized data.

Minor JENKINS-39495

Improve robustness in case a build with parameters was stored with a null list of parameters.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-48821

Display estimated remaining time again for Pipeline jobs.

Minor JENKINS-50237

JEP-200: Whitelist to prevent deserialization exception when listing agent files in non-existent directory or invalid filter.

Minor JENKINS-50124

Restore serialVersionUID of AbstractTaskListener.

Minor JENKINS-49971

Prevent FileNotFoundException in hudson.Util#loadFile in case of race condition.

Minor JENKINS-49642

Make proxy views work inside folders.

Minor JENKINS-49596

Upgrade Winstone from 4.1.0 to 4.1.2 to prevent User session memory leak by setting the default idle session eviction timeout to 30 minutes.

Minor JENKINS-49498

Fix translation of 'sign up' in Dutch, used to be 'sign in'.

Minor JENKINS-29470

Prevent NullPointerException in AbstractProject#checkout when the agent disconnects during a build.

Known issues