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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.651.3

New Features

Major JENKINS-32493

Developer: The official parent POM for plugins is now hosted in the plugin-pom repository, starting with version 2.0

Minor JENKINS-34808

Allow user to adjust socket timeout

Minor JENKINS-34819

Allow disabling particular protocols in remoting

Minor JENKINS-33999

add org.spring.core.NestedRuntimeException to the whitelist

Minor JENKINS-32980

Make it easier to use JNLP slaves with self-signed TLS certificates on Jenkins

Minor JENKINS-28289

JNLP slave should exclude non proxy hosts when connecting via HTTP proxy

Minor JENKINS-33068

Move periodic task log files from JENKINS_HOME/.log to JENKINS_HOME/logs/tasks/.log and rotate them periodically rather than overwrite every execution

Minor JENKINS-32765

Allow changing the directory used for the extraction of plugin archives via the "--pluginroot" CLI option

Minor JENKINS-32273

Unify CLI exit code semantics

Minor JENKINS-32194

Add time zone to generation date in footer in most locales


The Windows service wrapper now specifies the "--webroot" argument to extract the war file into %BASE%

Minor JENKINS-11016

Allow retrying core update when the first attempt failed


Allow specifying the default TCP slave agent listener port via system property

Minor JENKINS-32273

Cleanup of CLI error handling and return codes


API changes: Add a reusable implementation of IdleOfflineCause class

Minor JENKINS-32478

Developer: Split test harness into separate artifact

Resolved issues

Major Security Advisory

Important security fixes

Major Opt out of usage statistics submission

Honor the option to opt out of usage statistics submission.

Major JENKINS-33681

Jenkins fails to restart with an exception

Minor JENKINS-32340

Cannot enable disabled dependencies

Minor JENKINS-34858

Listed Parameters should reflect what was used when the build ran

Minor JENKINS-34710

Installation Wizard: SEVERE errors in logs, enabling of the enabled plugin

Minor JENKINS-34745

Check Updates PeriodicWork dies horribly in the case of invalid signature

Minor JENKINS-34767

RSS ID duplication for items with same name in different folders

Minor JENKINS-34213

Under high throughput the Unexporter can fail to clean up fast enough

Minor JENKINS-19445

Jobs randomly stuck with "building remotely on slave-name" message

Minor JENKINS-33971

WorkflowJob not reliably started from ReverseBuildTrigger after restart

Minor JENKINS-33826

Build history text badge display cut off and overlaps other content

Minor JENKINS-33693

maven builder fails if latest maven on path on windows

Minor JENKINS-33467

CauseAction.causes can become huge

Minor JENKINS-18032

"Delete Project" link fails with 403 Exception: No valid crumb was included in the request

Minor JENKINS-32831

"None of the Update Sites passed the signature check" w/ Jenkins v1.647

Minor JENKINS-28790

Sonar database credentials in build console output not masked since LTS version 1.596.3

Minor JENKINS-25440

Failed to create Guice container from all the plugins

Minor JENKINS-33377

Functions.isExtensionsAvailable() should return false during termination

Minor JENKINS-33384

PluginServletFilters should be let clean up before the Jenkins singleton is cleared


Fix documentation of proxy configuration

Minor JENKINS-32328

Retrieve tool installer metadata from all update sites

Minor JENKINS-31753

Fields on the parameters page are no longer aligned at the bottom

Minor JENKINS-24696

Boot failure hook script did not work, WebAppMain.contextDestroyed produces weird errors

Minor JENKINS-32852

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing range set

Minor JENKINS-29240

Generate new instance identity file when the existing one is found to be corrupt

Minor JENKINS-19565

Developer: Pass $it to contents of "dropdownDescriptorSelector"

Known issues