CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.642.1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-26445

Build history pagination and search

Minor JENKINS-11016

Allow retrying core update when the first attempt failed


Allow specifying the default TCP slave agent listener port via system property

Minor JENKINS-29059

Display expected CRON run times even if a warning occurs

Minor JENKINS-26270

Add "lastCompletedBuild" job permalink

Minor JENKINS-5253

Allow case insensitive file patterns in Artifacts Archiving

Minor JENKINS-26278

Let a combobox display its drop-down when focused, so users can see candidates without entering a letter.


Add safari pinned tab icon.

Minor JENKINS-23150

Plugin Manager UI prevents users from enabling/disabling/uninstalling plugins at the "wrong" time (which is actually not wrong).

Minor JENKINS-29014

Do not show REST API link for pages which have no API handlers


API: New OptionalJobProperty class to simplify JobProperty creation


API: Add get method for causes of interruption in hudson.model.Executor

Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-20327

“Form too large” errors submitting view configurations with many jobs

Minor JENKINS-21720

JS alert still prevented leaving a configuration page without changes

Known issues