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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.625.1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-23568

Unreliable slave Plugin will offline the slave or not? what’s the meaning of “try slave reconnect of put offline”? how to use the plugin? (issue 23568)

Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-26406

Build history text field wrap fails when containing markup (issue 26406)

Minor JENKINS-19392

First-time display with many Maven jobs blocked in FingerprintAction.compact (issue 19392)

Minor JENKINS-26365

Animated ball in job's build history widget won't open Console Output (issue 26365)

Minor JENKINS-25081

Memory leak in ProgressiveRendering (issue 25081)

Minor JENKINS-4409

Hudson test case leaks temp folders (issue 4409)

Minor JENKINS-22311

Large number of build parameters for pending jobs (e.g.gerrit triggered job) can cause unwieldy build history (issue 22311)

Minor JENKINS-24614

"unknown format type" on console output (issue 24614)

Minor JENKINS-25074

Build health computed twice per job (issue 25074)

Minor JENKINS-20108

SSH slaves can block for a long time in NativePRNG (issue 20108)

Minor JENKINS-30395

ClosedByInterruptException in JenkinsRule setup (issue 30395)

Minor JENKINS-25400

Job owned by SYSTEM instead of creator when 'Setup after creation' used (issue 25400)

Minor JENKINS-24340

AbstractProject: makeDisabled() performs operations even if supportsMakeDisabled() is false (issue 24340)

Minor JENKINS-25897

Infinite loop with crontab "H H(19-24) * * *" (issue 25897)

Minor JENKINS-23942

quietDown reports HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed (issue 23942)

Minor JENKINS-25937

"Given final block not properly padded" after deleting master.key after Java security update (issue 25937)

Minor JENKINS-25174

Run parameters should display in human readable form rather than build numbers (issue 25174)

Minor JENKINS-25759

FilePath.validateAntFileMask sucks up heap (issue 25759)

Minor JENKINS-25655

AbstractLazyLoadRunMap.entrySet improperly cached (issue 25655)

Minor JENKINS-7478

Wrong EOL (UNIX type: LF) in Windows batch files executed for build steps of type "Execute Windows batch command" (issue 7478)

Minor JENKINS-25601

JDK9 with jigsaw file layer is not detected as valid JDK (issue 25601)

Minor JENKINS-25144

Basic Authentication in combination with Session is broken (issue 25144)

Minor JENKINS-24825

Missing build history moving a job when BuildDir is set to a custom location (issue 24825)

Minor JENKINS-26684

Maven build step fail to launch mvn process when special chars are present in build variables (issue 26684)

Minor JENKINS-23020

Manage->Cancel Shutdown requests POST method and even POST fails due to invalid crumb if CSRF protection is enabled (issue 23020)

Minor JENKINS-25473

Unnecessarily slow & serialized I/O for top-level item loading in loadTasks (issue 25473)

Minor JENKINS-25989

No wrap up(not in multiple lines) of too long list of slaves at label page (issue 25989)

Minor JENKINS-19017

Jenkins merges queued builds with the different file parameters (issue 19017)

Minor JENKINS-29989

RunIdMigrator fails to revert Matrix and Maven jobs (issue 29989)

Minor JENKINS-25788

WARNING: hudson.model.FreeStyleProject@9a4e77f[...] did not contain ... #584 to begin with (issue 25788)

Minor JENKINS-22769

ListView's ItemListener runs with user privileges, might miss affected views (issue 22769)

Known issues