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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.609.1

New Features

Major Wiki

JENKINS_HOME layout change: builds are now keyed by build numbers and not timestamps. See Wiki for details and downgrade. (issue 24380)

Minor JENKINS-28041

Allow delete-* CLI commands to operate on multiple arguments. (issue 28041)

Minor JENKINS-21322

Make periodic workspace cleanup configurable through system properties. (issue 21322)

Minor JENKINS-26208

Polling was skipped while quieting down, resulting in ignored commit notifications. This behavior was changed. (issue 26208)

Minor the new repository

Starting this version, native packages are produced from the new repository. File issues related to installers and packages in the packaging component.

Minor JENKINS-25938

Lock an Executor without creating a Thread (issue 25938)

Minor JENKINS-26900

Hide flyweight master executor when ≥1 heavyweight executors running as subtasks (issue 26900)

Minor JENKINS-22941

Way to mark an Executable that should not block isReadyToRestart (issue 22941)

Minor JENKINS-27565

Refactor the Queue and Nodes to use a consistent locking strategy (issue 27565) Note that this change involved moving slave definitions outside the main config.xml file. If you downgrade after this, your slave settings will be lost.

Minor JENKINS-6167

JNLP slaves can now connect to master through HTTP proxy. (issue 6167)

Minor JENKINS-22346

Added a switch (-Dhudson.model.User.allowNonExistentUserToLogin=true) to let users login even when the record is not found in the backend security realm. (issue 22346)

Minor JENKINS-27277

As security hardening, mark "remember me" cookie as HTTP only (issue 27277)

Minor JENKINS-26723

Show displayName in build remote API. (issue 26723)

Minor PR 1593

Show Check Now button also on Available and Updates tabs of plugin manager. (PR 1593)

Minor JENKINS-27096

Map onto Run (issue 27096)


JDK auto-installer for Mac OSX

Minor JENKINS-24673

Added SimpleBuildWrapper API. (issue 24673)

Minor JENKINS-25234

Show job name in Schedule Build column tool tip. (issue 25234)

Minor JENKINS-22311

Show queue item parameters in tool tip. (issue 22311)

Minor JENKINS-26281

Allow users to delete builds even if they are supposed to be kept. (issue 26281)

Minor JENKINS-26411

Improve error reporting when channel closed during build. (issue 26411)

Resolved issues

Major advisory

Fixes to several security vulnerabilities. (advisory)

Major JENKINS-27188

Regression with environment variables in 1.600. (issue 27188)

Major JENKINS-26739

Errors with concurrent matrix builds since 1.597. (issue 26739)

Major security advisory

Fixes to multiple security vulnerabilities. (security advisory)

Major JENKINS-26519

Build format change migrator in 1.597 did not work on some Windows systems. (issue 26519)

Minor JENKINS-28690

Fix deadlock in hudson.model.Executor. (issue 28690)

Minor JENKINS-14899

Don't truncate /consoleText output after fixed number of lines. (issue 14899)

Minor JENKINS-25734

Prevent NullPointerException in Executor/causeOfDeath page if there is no exception details. (issue 25734)

Minor JENKINS-28292

Fixed synchronization issue when setting JDK installations. (issue 28292)

Minor PR 1651

Fix several loggers which are identifying as the wrong class. (PR 1651)

Minor JENKINS-17290

Revert fix for issue 17290 due to the regressions it caused. (issue 28601)

Minor JENKINS-27836

When concurrent builds are enabled, artifact retention policy may delete artifact being used by an actually running build. (issue 27836)

Minor JENKINS-26520

Documentation for $BUILD_ID did not reflect current reality (issue 26520)

Minor JENKINS-20989

PeepholePermalink RunListenerImpl oncompleted should be triggered before downstream builds are triggered. (issue 20989)

Minor JENKINS-26751

NPE when /script used on offline slave. (issue 26751)

Minor JENKINS-27414

Do not offer to restart on /restart and /safeRestart if the configuration does not support it. (issue 27414)

Minor JENKINS-27607

JSONP served with the wrong MIME type and rejected by Chrome. (issue 27607)

Minor JENKINS-27055

Security file pattern whitelist was broken for some plugins since 1.597. (issue 27055)

Minor JENKINS-27563

Makes the Jenkins is loading screen not block on the extensions loading lock (issue 27563)

Minor JENKINS-15355

AdjunctManager: exception upon startup (issue 15355)

Minor JENKINS-27564

Removes race condition rendering the list of executors (issue 27564)

Minor JENKINS-27476

Tidy up the locks that were causing deadlocks with the once retention strategy in durable tasks (issue 27476)

Minor JENKINS-27566

Remove any requirement from Jenkins Core to lock on the Queue when rendering the Jenkins UI (issue 27566)

Minor JENKINS-26391

Prevent lazy loading operation when obtaining label information. (issue 26391)

Minor JENKINS-21618

Ensure that the LoadStatistics return a self-consistent result. (issue 21618)

Minor JENKINS-26777

Build reports to be running for 45 yr and counting. (issue 26777)

Minor JENKINS-21160

Jenkins CLI doesn't handle arguments with equal signs (issue 21160)

Minor JENKINS-21251

master/slave communication ping reacts badly if a clock jumps. (issue 21251)

Minor JENKINS-27256

Integrate Stapler fix for queue item API always returning 404 Not Found since 1.601. (issue 27256)

Minor JENKINS-27183

Avoid deadlock when using build-monitor-plugin. (issue 27183)

Minor JENKINS-26690

Errors in Dashboard View plugin since 1.597. (issue 26690)

Minor JENKINS-25779

Robustness improvement when setting up Archive Artifacts programmatically. (issue 25779)

Minor JENKINS-26698

An error thrown in the wrong place in a publisher could result in a failure to release a workspace lock. (issue 26698)

Minor JENKINS-26755

Cache node environment to prevent unnecessary channel usage (issue 26755)

Minor JENKINS-26406

Build history text field wrap fails when containing markup (issue 26406)

Minor JENKINS-26684

Maven build step fail to launch mvn process when special chars are present in build variables. (issue 26684)

Minor JENKINS-26601

Errors in some Maven builds since 1.598. (issue 26601)

Minor JENKINS-26476

Remote FilePath.chmod fails with ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletException. (issue 26476)

Minor JENKINS-26365

Animated ball in job's build history widget won't open Console Output. (issue 26365)

Minor JENKINS-26718

Allow OldDataMonitor to discard promoted-build-plugin Promotions (issue 26718)

Minor JENKINS-25514

FutureImpl does not cancel its start future. (issue 25514)

Minor JENKINS-10944

Flyweight tasks were under some conditions actually being run on heavyweight executors. (issue 10944) (issue 24519)

Minor JENKINS-22811

Folder loading broken when child item loading throws exception. (issue 22811)

Minor JENKINS-26203

Plugin icon images were broken when running Jenkins from a UNC path. (issue 26203)

Minor JENKINS-26382

Allow admin signup from /manage as well. (issue 26382)

Minor JENKINS-25601

Amend JAVA_HOME check to work with JDK 9. (issue 25601)

Minor JENKINS-25338

CLI list-jobs command should display raw name, not display name, where they differ. (issue 25338)

Minor JENKINS-26331

Better support functional tests from Gradle-based plugins. (issue 26331)

Minor JENKINS-26312

Fixed side/main panel scrolling issues. (issue 26312, issue 26298, issue 26306)

Minor JENKINS-25455

Fixed CodeMirror issue with height and re-enabled syntax highlighting in shell build step. (issue 25455, issue 23151)

Minor JENKINS-11172

Do not throw exception on /signup when not possible. (issue 11172)

Minor JENKINS-26196

Tool installer which downloads and unpacks archives should not fail the build if the tool already exists and the server returns an error code. (issue 26196)

Minor JENKINS-19392

Fingerprint compaction aggravated lazy-loading performance issues. (issue 19392)

Minor JENKINS-26201

Possible unreleased workspace lock if SCM polling fails during setup. (issue 26201)

Minor JENKINS-20148

Misleading description of the 'workspace' permission. (issue 20148)

Minor JENKINS-25174

Run parameters should show display name if set, rather than build numbers. (issue 25174)

Minor JENKINS-25897

Add range check for H(X-Y) syntax. (issue 25897)

Minor JENKINS-27708

Concurrent build limits not honored on Jenkins 1.607 (issue 27708)

Minor JENKINS-28115

Division by zero in Executor.getProgress (issue 28115)

Minor JENKINS-28062

Channel listener onClose propagated exceptions (issue 28062)

Minor JENKINS-28011

Failed to instantiate class hudson.plugins.copyartifact.CopyArtifact when saving a job (issue 28011)

Minor JENKINS-27871

Block on upstream projects does not work (issue 27871)

Minor JENKINS-27918

Unhelpful log warning about stapler-class (issue 27918)

Minor JENKINS-28093

404 on (issue 28093)

Minor JENKINS-28110

1.610 “Failed to instantiate” error (issue 28110)

Minor JENKINS-28384

NPE from LoadStatistics$LoadStatisticsSnapshot$Builder.with (issue 28384)

Minor JENKINS-27067

Dropdowns display limited and scrollable (issue 27067)

Known issues