CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.580.1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-24046

Warn users if the pinning is preventing Jenkins from overwriting older versions with bundled versions.

Resolved issues

Major Advisory

SECURITY-144 fix (disabled by default) and other security fixes.

Major JENKINS-24453

Jenkins server got blue screen to death

Major JENKINS-7478

Wrong EOL (UNIX type: LF) in Windows batch files executed for build steps of type "Execute Windows batch command"

Major JENKINS-24614

"unknown format type" on console output

Major JENKINS-24050

All slaves disconnect and no new slaves can connect due to CancelledKeyException in org.jenkinsci.remoting

Major JENKINS-11543

UTF-8 encoding issue of build parameters as soon as including File parameter

Major JENKINS-23471

Channel reader thread consumes all CPUs

Major JENKINS-24458

<SomeAction> doesn't have @ExportedBean so cannot write hudson.model.Actionable.actions

Known issues