CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.565.1

New Features


Remove NoExternalUse Restrictions on SecurityListener methods.

Plugins like github-oauth-plugin implementing SecurityRealm need to call these methods in security lifecycle events.

Minor JENKINS-19454

Added DecoratedLauncher implementation to the core. This launcher Allows subclasses to only implement methods they want to override. Originally, this launcher has been implemented in Custom Tools Plugin, but there are many duplicates in other plugins => it would be useful to have it in Jenkins core.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-22822

PeepholePermalink should maintain an in-memory cache of symlinks to avoid disk I/O.

Major JENKINS-22685

Update to call restart! to properly restart the service.

Using "restart!" instead of "restart" performs the restart in a separate process, so the service wrapper doesn't kill itself.

Major JENKINS-23151

Need to revert part of 5789f0c since codemirror-mode on f:textarea apparently does not work for lazy-load fragments.

Major JENKINS-23627

Restrict access to admin monitor info page

This could contain sensitive information in the list of solutions provided. It also shows the path to JENKINS_HOME, exposing OS and configuration information.

Major JENKINS-23517

InstallerTranslator should gracefully ignore offline slaves.

Major JENKINS-14264

For logs >200Kb, just show two <t:task>s without nesting, for proper interoperability with the context menu.

Major JENKINS-23191

f:radio is not databinding-aware and does not correctly handle multiple configuration sections unless you make it.

Major JENKINS-22617

Fix path to deletion of VM error log

Major JENKINS-20327

“Form too large” errors submitting view configurations with many jobs


Integrating the fixed version of remoting

Major JENKINS-23375

Incorrect redirect after deleting a folder.

Major JENKINS-20559

hudson.Launcher:ProcStarter::envs() may throw NPE

Major JENKINS-15094

Parameters: NPE in canTake() procedures may kill all executors


Test result page keeps identifying tests as age 1

Major JENKINS-22693

Resource leak in hudson.model.FileParameterValue

Major JENKINS-22934

Rules for showing/hiding SCMTrigger.pollingThreadCount option are broken

Major JENKINS-20031

NPE on plugin install

Major JENKINS-22818

Jenkins on Linux can not restart after plugin update

Minor JENKINS-16264

Don't advertise POSTing config.xml on master

Minor JENKINS-21631

Don't fail with NPE if the PeepholePermalink cache contains the non-numeric value.

Actually, the change just prevents symptoms. There should be an error somewhere else.

Minor JENKINS-23277

Better diagnosis for an NPE probably involving cloud slaves.

Known issues