CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.554.2

New Features


Improvement for IDEs running iterative plugin tests.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-22681

Last build of project reloaded when project asked for later build

Major JENKINS-21999

Computer does not exist returns NPE

Major JENKINS-18008

Builds triggered using token with build-token-root plugin show remote host as ''

Major JENKINS-21720

Don't ask for confirmation when it doesn't make any sense

Major JENKINS-20597

Jenkins asks for confirmation before leaving edited 'View Configuration' page

Major JENKINS-22631

OutOfOrderBuildMonitor fails to correct builds with duplicate number

Major JENKINS-22583

hetero-radio should work with multiple instances of the same ui

Major JENKINS-20245

After clicking 'Apply' at least once, 'Save' opens a new window

Major JENKINS-22582

Cannot submit configuration after removing groovy step

Major JENKINS-22142

No autocompletion and NullPointerException when using 'Copy Existing Job'

Major JENKINS-22570

On a configure screen that has multiple groups of radio buttons, clicking the apply button clears all but the last radio group selection

Major JENKINS-18364

Optimize creation of relative links to jobs

Known issues