CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.554.1

New Features

Major JENKINS-19081

Offer the option of downloading metadata directly from the server.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-21579

Very slow resource loading from UberClassLoader

Major JENKINS-20769

Failed to execute command Pipe.EOF

Major JENKINS-20204

Latest release of Java 7 blocks the connection to slaves due to no permissions attribute in the JAR file

Major JENKINS-22347

Allow Jenkins to download JDK8

Major JENKINS-19544

OutOfMemory due to unbounded storage in OldDataMonitor

Major JENKINS-21969

Performance issue with search box

Major JENKINS-18537

XStream problems when using Java 8.

Minor JENKINS-21773

"Up" link from an axis of a matrix job shows "Error 404 Not Found"


Mac OS X packaging fix.

Minor JENKINS-20913

[jar caching] - winp.x64.dll access conflicts

Minor JENKINS-22442

Jetty exploding war to /tmp is a bad idea

Minor JENKINS-21875

NullPointerException when trying to mark slave temporarily offline

Minor JENKINS-20500

Build queue is not filtered after progress updated

Minor JENKINS-22262

copy-job permission checks wrong

Minor JENKINS-22080

NPE if trying to install a plugin from the update center and either the update source or the plugin contains a '.' in its name

Known issues